Top 10 Most Reputed Startups In Ranchi 2022

Top 10 Most Reputed Startups In Ranchi 2022

Across the breadth of business sectors, Jharkhand is blessed with a robust response system that makes incredible options for businesses.

The article below gives examples of business ideas that show the growth aspects of Jharkhand.

Fundamentally, an economy with resources, Jharkhand has slowly made room for several manufacturing and service-oriented enterprises to arise.

Jharkhand is no longer merely a new business hub. Still, it has made a notable contribution to the flourishing of the state’s economy, catering to the ease of doing business that translates into a third-place ranking. Many business ideas have emerged in Jharkhand as the state trends toward growth.

Ranchi, Jharkhand, has become a hub for startups over the last decade. The number of people starting startups has grown, ranging from college students to employees quitting their jobs. Jharkhand’s Ranchi has experienced a boom in job opportunities thanks to startups of the last decade.

What is a Startup?

Startup companies in Ranchi Jharkhand are small-sized companies that exist to meet a need for a particular service or product. LLPs, business startups, and other small companies are funded privately.

The Government encourages new business experiences in Ranchi. Jharkhand is Startup in India.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched Startup India. During his visit to Marylebone on January 16, 2016, Narendra Modi emphasized employment creation and growth for all Indians. Essentially, the purpose of startups India is to Ranchi Jharkhand and assist in promoting businesses.

Entrepreneurs who have formed a new business or haven’t been operating for more than ten years constitute startups. However, registering and being known as a startup depends on the years of operation. Companies in the biotechnology sector are given a ten-year limit, while companies in every other industry are given a seven-year limit.

A Registration certificate from DPIIT recognizing Ranchi, Jharkhand India, as an emerging startup, as part of the Government of India’s Startup India industry, the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade helps Startups get a self-certificate and abide by regulations relating to 9 environmental and labor laws. DIPP also provides Startups with benefits associated with Intellectual Property Rights, including Intellectual Property Fast Tracks, among others. The Inter-Ministerial Board does not require any other license.

Moreover, the Company can be wound up under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016 within 90 days of insolvency. And also, the process and eligibility criteria for becoming a startup, this article goes over other benefits of being known as a startup under DPIIT.

Minerals are abundant in Jharkhand, accounting for 40 percent of India’s mineral wealth. Chhattisgarh has extensive resources of minerals and metals like steel and coal, making it a perfect place to build manufacturing facilities for industries such as automobiles and auto components, cement, power plants, etc.

Tata Steel in Jamshedpur is one of India’s oldest and largest steel plants.

Jharkhand is heavily oriented towards crop production such as agroforestry, pulses, medicinal plants, honey, dairy cashew processing, and meat processing.

Moreover, according to a World Bank report, Jharkhand is the fifth most free state to do business. In Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, a DPIIT registration certificate is suitable for Startup recognition. After getting the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition for Startups in Ranchi, Jharkhand, startups can take advantage of the following benefits.

1. Self-certification — After receiving the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition for Startups, your Company can self-certify compliance with six labor laws and three environmental laws.

2. Tax Exemption — DPIIT-known startups are entitled to many tax breaks. Any startup can seek a tax exemption under Section 80 IAC of the Income Tax Act after acquiring the Certificate of Recognition. Also, popular startups are eligible for the Angel Tax Exemption. Once the tax exemption is granted, DPIIT-known startups are exempt from paying income tax for their first ten years of operation for three consecutive fiscal years.

3. Startup Patent Application — Under the DPIIT, startups only need to pay 80% of the fees for patents, copyrights, designs, and trademarks. For DPIIT-known startups, expedited tracking of patent applications is also possible.

4. Efficient Public Procurement Norms – Startups known by the DPIIT will be able to list the Government eMarketplace. Additionally, these Startups are not required to submit an Earnest Money Deposit. In addition, all Central Government Ministries and Departments exempt DPIIT Startups or turnover.

5. Credit Guarantee Fund — Startups known under the DPIIT are eligible for a four-year credit guarantee fund of Rs 2000 crore from the National Credit Guarantee Trust Company or SIDBI.

6. Funds of Funds — Startups certified under the DPIIT are entitled to receive funds in Rs. 10,000 crore from Alternative Investment Funds.

7. Simple Winding Up – According to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of 2016, DPIIT-known startups can be pay debts owed within 90 days after filing the insolvency petition

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India’s Startup Recognition criteria for DPIIT registration certificates

1. Entity Existence Period – The firm or entity must have been in existence for at least ten years, starting from the date of start.

2. Entity Type – The DPIIT Certificate of Recognition is only available to businesses organized as a Private Limited Company, a Registered Partnership Firm, or a Limited Liability Partnership.

3. Original Entity – The firm could not have been founded by dividing up or reconstructing an already established company or entity to obtain the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition.

4. Annual Revenue Limit – To be eligible for a DPIIT Certificate of Recognition, a company must have annual revenue of Rs 100 crore in any fiscal year from its inception.

5. Innovative Entity — To be identified as a pioneer under the DPIIT, a company or organization must be working to improve or develop a product, service, or process.

6. Scalable Entity – To be classified as a startup under the DPIIT, to generate wealth and employment, the business model of the firm or entity needs to be scalable.

Twenty-eight budding entrepreneurs from across Jharkhand were selected to present their business plans to state evaluation board members in a PowerPoint presentation. As per the Jharkhand state startup policy 2016, the Department of Information Technology and e-Governance organized the fifth meeting of the State Evaluation Board at Ranchi, in partnership with IIMA and Atal Bihari Vajpayee Innovation Lab.

From July 26, 2019, to December 25, 2019, all applications received through via the website were screened twice by ABVIL, and the IIM Ahmedabad Screening team screened 56 ideas submitted through the website.

The Jharkhand State Evaluation Board members heard presentations from 28 budding entrepreneurs on January 27 and 28.

Director of Department of Information Technology and eGovernment, GoJ & CEO – ABVIL, Divyanshu Jha, attended the event, as did 17 SEB members.

As part of its ‘state-of-the-art infrastructure,’ Jharkhand government will also provide the startup with plug-and-play and program management capabilities. As a result, the list of entrepreneurs from Jharkhand selected to present their ideas at the SEB meeting was shortlisted.

On Saturday, Puresh Daily announced receiving seed funding for business development, technology, and brand building from Agility Venture Partners and Alfa Ventures in Jharkhand. Since investors oversubscribed our seed round, we are charged with their confidence.

Can use this money to Puresh Daily founder Manish Piyush said that the Company is expanding to at least ten more tier-II cities, bringing its subscriber base to 20,000, and partnering with entrepreneurs. Pursh daily offers milk subscriptions to 1,200 subscribers residing in Ranchi, Ramgarh, and Bokaro and tabled produce from their eight franchise farms.

Integrating artificial intelligence into their value chains offers chemical-free products, traceability and green packaging, and innovative payment options. “In the coming months, we expect the farm-to-home market to explode. We’ve proven that consumers are prepared to pay a premium for such services by incubating our business model in Ranchi. “Aditya Kumar, a Puresh co-founder, added:

The Jharkhand government has launched the ‘Startup Jharkhand’ project to encourage long-term economic growth and provide large-scale job opportunities in the state. In addition, the state government established different incubation centers under the Jharkhand Startup Policy 2016 to foster the creation of at least 1,000 innovative technology-based companies across the state. In this piece, we look at “Startup Jharkhand.”


To create a conducive environment for entrepreneurship, Jharkhand must become the country’s most innovative and prosperous state.

Jharkhand Startup’s objectives

According to Startup Jharkhand, the following objectives have been set:

• Objective To assist at least 1000 innovative tech startups across the state in growing.

• To build a one-million-square-foot incubation center to provide end-to-end services to startups.

• To establish a fund of funds (FOF) through a Public-Private-Partnership to encourage startups in the state.

• To provide a solid foundation on which academia and industry can complement each other’s efforts.

Focus Sector

A few of the innovative businesses that will select for Startup Jharkhand will include:  

  • These technologies have three main sections: IT, ITES, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Renewable and Clean Energy
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Agro and Food, Crafts
  • Electronics Manufacturing and Automation
  • Startup focused on social issues
  • Rural Tourism, Water and Sanitation
  • Education
  • Automation around Captive Industries
  • Rapidly emerging disruptive technologies

1. Dreams Motorsports

A startup that offers Adventure Sports, StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding), and Tourism dreams, Dreams Motorsports is a startup that fulfills all your wishes. Founded in 1983, Ride for Records is an innovator whose concept combines passion and history. By organizing various competitions, they aim to improve stunt riding’s standing in India and worldwide.

The startup’s other activities include paragliding, sky diving, and bringing extreme sports like wing walking, wingsuit flying, and base diving to India.

See the source image

Legal Name Dreams Motorsports
Industries Sports activities
Founder(s) Mr. Sourabh Kumar and Anam Hashim
Founded Date 1983
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

2. Admere Selvyn

 In an attempt to assist the greenhorns, the Company offers guidance. Ultimately, the initiative’s goal is to become a guiding star for young aspirants in the music and entertainment industries and assist them in obtaining recognition in the field.

A panel of judges evaluates the gigs and confers valuable feedback to Admere Selvyn as he creates a typical gig environment.

The music industry is divided into various sections, each with its platform. Singers and musicians can select a forum based on the level of exposure they require. Admere Selvyn’s team creates a typical gig scenario in which the artists play, and a judging panel reviews the performances and provides valuable feedback.

Essentially, it serves as a mentor, encouraging them to pursue their passions and strengths. And the organization aligns them with lucrative tasks depending on their strengths and skill. “Our premise is extremely straightforward. We wish to treat artists with the dignity and respect that they deserve. We wish to draw awareness to the artists and help them acquire industry exposure. This program aims for students to demonstrate their talents, overcome their fears, and be prepared to keep up with their peers.”

Admere Selvy has had a fantastic last three years. The notion has received a lot of traction among young people, which has helped it affect the market. As a result, its revenue has soared to new heights, and its customer base has grown to over 2000. “We are proud to say that the first competition shows drew around 100 people.” This was, without a doubt, one of the essential openings we had in our early days, as it helped us establish popularity and security in the ecosystem. “We’re growing at a rate of $5 million per year and counting, and our network is getting larger every day,” he adds.

The Company plans to merge its Company with social media platforms to help musicians gain recognition worldwide and reach their targeted audiences during the next few years.

Legal Name Admere Selvyn
Industries Music tech startup
Founder(s) Mr. Reetesh Aanand
Founded Date 2017
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

3. Mulberry Lifestyle

The Mandarin collar jackets by Mulberry Lifestyle are among the most popular items in the brand’s collection. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who served as India’s Prime Minister from 1946 to 1952, often wore Nehru Jackets (Bandi) during his tenure as Prime Minister.

Mulberry Lifestyle manufactures every jacket with the trademark of quality artistry. The jackets are available in over 30 colors, ranging from earthy pastels to richer hues, and are made out of natural fabrics such as silk and linen and more vibrant materials such as velvet.

See the source image

Legal Name Mulberry Lifestyle
Industries Online retail world
Founder(s) Arti Poddar
Founded Date 2014
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

4. Dreams Motorsports

Our goal is to make India’s roads safer for road users. Using a multi-level and multi-faceted program, human lives lost to road accidents are saved. Additionally, we support motorsports in India, especially stunt riding. There is a team from abroad to assist us with this.

Among the few motorsports manufacturers that the Government of India has known as innovators, Entrepreneur India magazine’s March issue, a groundbreaking startup, was featured under Startup India Programme. As one of the few stunt riding companies in India and one of the very few organizations to promote road safety and awareness, we provide Stunt Riding services. As part of the Startup India States Conference, we will be speaking on September 12, 2017, at Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra in New Delhi.

This Private Company was incorporated on Tuesday, September 06, 2016, as Dreams Motorsports Private Limited. Company registration is at the Jharkhand Registrar of Companies as a non-government company. Having a paid-up capital of Rs.100,000 and an authorized share capital of Rs.1,000,000.

DREAMS MOTORSPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED is engaged in sports and other recreational activities. Its Directors are SOURABH KUMAR, ANAM HASHIM, and SAROJ CHOUDHARY. A business entity with a corporate identification number is Dreams Motorsports Private Limited (U92490JH2016PTC009140). Its registration number is 009140. HARMU HOUSING COLONY RANCHI Ranchi JH 834002 IN is the Company’s registered address. It is active in its current state. As well as M/S DREAMS MOTORSPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED or M/S DREAMS MOTORSPORTS PVT. LTD., the Company, is also referred to by these three names.

Legal Name Dreams Motorsports
Industries Sports activities
Founder(s) Mr. Sourabh Kumar and Anam Hashim
Founded Date 1983
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

5. Osam Dairy

We at Osam Dairy believe in providing high-quality dairy products to our consumers, so we began our business by working with a team of young, energetic entrepreneurs. The Company claims to deliver products of unsurpassed quality and use state-of-the-art processing facilities, which leads to the most hygienic products.

An international network of dairy farmers provides every drop of milk for the startup. In addition, milk is tested daily using a Milk Analyzer to ensure it meets pre-defined parameters at procurement. Along with the rigorous training, quality checks are also done at purchase. They reject milk at the farm level if it does not meet their standards.

See the source image

Legal Name Osam Dairy
Industries Dairy products
Founder(s) Abhinav Saha
Founded Date 01/04/2012
Total Funding Amount $32.8B
Investors 3,915 Number of Investors

6. I Conic Solutions

Healthcare is an integral part of our culture and an essential pillar of the Indian economy. Technological breakthroughs are reshaping the healthcare sector and opening up many new possibilities. Medical coding and billing is an example of a forward-thinking field. Time and technology have had a significadairy productsnt impact on this service, enhancing its effectiveness in the healthcare field. However, the need has attracted a slew of medical billing outsourcing companies, resulting in fierce rivalry in the area.

However, competition isn’t the most significant obstacle when a company aims to develop valuable solutions and make a difference. With a tech-enabled medical billing solution, I-Conic Solutions is at the forefront of the healthcare business with the same philosophy. 

With a global clientele of clients, I-Conic solutions LLC (ICS) is a leader in the KPO industry and a leading expert in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). With a team of proficient employees and a value-based approach, the Company can provide clients with a seamless service while maintaining a competitive advantage.

In this era of insurance, hospitals and healthcare facilities face many hassles while settling claims. In addition, coding and billing for medical services is an arduous task.

A lack of knowledge and a freewheeling framework also plagues most medical billing outsourcing companies.

The Company focuses on Medical Coding, Payment Posting, Patient Collection, Billing and Claims Submission, and Denial Management. ICS is developing as a resourceful investment in the healthcare arena with its comprehensive set of services and dedication to building better tomorrow.

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Akshay, the owner of I-Conic Solutions, has over 20 years of experience in medical billing. Founded by the owner of I-Conic Solutions, the Company aims to provide cost-effective solutions barreled with optimum quality that implement his 12 years of experience in the industry. With many notable companies in the US healthcare and RCM industries under Pankaj’s belt, he has earned a revered position in the healthcare arena.

However, Pankaj wanted to create comprehensive solutions for people, which he couldn’t do while in service. Moreover, the client wanted to create an ecosystem that would consider co-sourced rather than outsourced. In 2018, ICS was created in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, due to these integrated aspirations. A holistic platform was also designed where colleagues can feel more like partners instead of just employees.

Pankaj’s exposure in the health care sector has been invaluable to I-Conic Solutions. In addition to his ability to start from scratch, he can put a project on autopilot, which is the hallmark of his impactful mentorship. His philosophy is to create results-oriented outcomes for clients, employees, and employers by creating a transparent and transparent space with mutual benefits for rural and urban employees.

With this ethical foundation, I-Conic Solutions has become known as one of the best data protection systems, social activeness, and solutions to client problems. The I-Conic Solutions team has weathered the COVID crisis with a shrewd mindset and organized framework.

By identifying the market demand and gray areas of problems, I-Conic Solutions improved its quality of service during the pandemic by proposing working solutions and identifying the best possible outcomes. Through SWOT analysis, they were able to restructure their business plan. They also were updated on their competition.

Moreover, the staff was trained and provided with the appropriate equipment and information to facilitate the work. This new model also helped evaluate team members, such as how they allocate their time to focus on their work, which has the advantage of being productive both for them and the business.

They used digital technologies and worked from home to monitor expenses and determine whether their business model was viable. Keeping hygiene and transparent communication with clients in check and employee engagement enabled them to plan effectively for the next 18 months. As a result of the revamped framework, clients received services tailored to their needs within the timeline. As a result, they had no added costs and went above and beyond their expectations.

See the source image

Legal Name I-Conic solutions
Industries Mobile design and app development
Founder(s) Nick Genty, John Dominic
Founded Date 2008
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

7. PitStopStreet

 Co-founders: Prashant Kumar, Soumalya Chakraborty, Vivek Kumar

From broken down assistance to fuel assistance, from insurance policies to vehicle ownership transfers, PitStopStreet helps its customers take care of their vehicles’ complete life cycle. Furthermore, they will assist with clean-up paperwork, road trips, and rallies.

The Operations Team at PitStopStreet takes a brief look at the customer’s details and the pickup and pickup route plan on the day of service when someone books with PitStopStreet. The customer’s service engineers contact them for the location details on the day of the service, and they arrive at the customer’s residence to inspect the vehicle.

Legal Name PitStopStreet
Industries Automotive industry
Founder(s) Shiva Bhardwaj
Founded Date 01/01/2015
Total Funding Amount $33.7B Total Funding Amount
Investors 8,937 Number of Investors

8. Manupa Technologies

Regardless of which industry you’re in India, you can rely on our expert teams to provide you with quick, accurate, and efficient solutions so that your business can run smoothly. Partnering with us allows you to reduce risk, streamline your processes, and operate more sustainably. 

As a Women Entrepreneurship Company, MTPL (Manupama Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) provides Consultancy Services, Inspection, Training, Verification, Auditing Testing, and Certification.

Legal Name Manupama Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Industries Management services
Founder(s) Ms. Anupama Das Mohapatra
Founded Date 2003
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

9. SignDigital

With digital signatures for income tax filing, e-tenders, and other types of documents, Sign Digital launched in 2012. Accordant to the Information Technology Act of 2000, the business deals in transacting, issuing, processing, storing, using, and dealing in digital signature certificates.

Legal Name SignDigital
Industries Digital signatures
Founder(s) Sarabpreet Singh
Founded Date 2012
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

10. Osam Dairy

They held prominent positions in prestigious finance companies for many years as chartered accountants. These professionals made a lot of money traveling to high-profile clients and researching profit and loss statements.

A second friend who runs an FMCG business in Ranchi is doing equally well. But the fun was lacking, and everyone felt a strong urge to change things up. 2012 saw the birth of Osam Dairy.

In Ranchi’s Ormanjhi village, four friends pooled their savings to purchase one acre of land for Rs 1 crore. CA in the group discussed the business plan at length, and Abhinav even participated in an animal health and dairy farming course in Kanpur for a month. However, Abhinav says life can be like the stock market, throwing surprises that can upset even the best-laid plans.

Twenty-six of the forty animals bought from Punjab died for Rs 35 lakh within one month. However, the team did not give up. They invested another Rs 50 lakh in May 2012, which they used as a backup fund. Bihar was the source of more cows purchased.

Osam Dairy’s revenue in the first year was Rs 26 lakh. Then, door-to-door deliveries began, from 300 liters of milk to 1,000 liters in six months. Following one year of conversation, the four decided to build their dairy processing facility at Rs 20 crore. As a result of the arrangements for the finance, their first plant began operating at Patratu near Ranchi in May 2015.

Their milk supply soon grew to 18,000 farmers in 400 villages as they sold off their dairy farms. Seit that time, Osam Dairy has steadily increased its business. In September 2017, constructed a second plant at Chandil near Jamshedpur. As a result, the country produces nearly 80,000 liters of milk every day, on top of value-added milk products, 20 percent.

The Company already has 200 distributors and 7,000 shops, and it expects to generate Rs 120 crore in sales this fiscal year. But, on the other hand, the friends are eager to go even further. “There are a lot of chances to milk,” they all say at the same time.

Legal Name Osam Dairy
Industries Dairy products
Founder(s) Abhinav Saha
Founded Date 01/04/2012
Total Funding Amount $32.8B
Investors 3,915 Number of Investors

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