Workctrl : Simplifying Visitor Management in Hybrid Workspace

Have you ever encountered questions such as ‘How many visitors are in your office right now? How many did you have yesterday? Or last month? Are you still maintaining logs manually? If your answer is yes, you would understand the importance of technology disruption in visitor management. 

The visitor management system takes care of the entire visitor journey from login to logout from the workplace. For modern hybrid organizations, cloud-based visitor management software is the most effective way to keep workplace premises secure while providing a delightful experience to visitors and guests. 

With adoption of hybrid work models, employees split their time between working from home and in the office. In such a work schedule, a visitor management system is essential since it manages all visitors regardless of which staff are on-site at any moment.

What is a Visitor Management system?

In simple terms, it is a formal process of tracking anyone and everyone who enters the building or the office. A visitor can be a job applicant, a customer, a delivery person, a plumber, a contractor, a consultant and more. 

From cutting down the queue time to paperless management to keeping real-time tracking of everyday walk-ins and walk-outs, a visitor management system is the need of the hour. 

Why is Visitor Management Important?

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The visitor management system covers the entire gamut of security management, real-time login, and logout authentication as an effective way of covering more visitors in less time. It can help you with the following:

  • Enhancing security as a data-driven gatekeeper – You can print badges, so visitors are uniquely identifiable, and your employees are visually reminded who a visitor is. Knowing a system is in place can also deter unwanted people from entering your office.

Contact tracking with digital visitor logs is an important benefit of a visitor management system for offices. 

  • Managing and organizing data securely – A secure method of managing data is critical in all aspects of your business, including cloud-based visitor management software. You can securely manage all information and ensure that visitors can only see their personal information and not the private information of anyone they have visited in the past. 

  • Ensuring quality visitor experience – Your visitor management tool can create a consistent, high-tech, quality first impression for all guests. The seamless experience for guests includes getting to a meeting on time, self-check-in, or finding a parking space without hassle.

How does a visitor management system increase your facility’s overall efficiency? 

A visitor management system is unique depending on every organization and its use cases. WorkCtrl visitor management system can help you with the:

  • Planned visitor booking – Plan your visitor management to ensure smooth check-in and check-out.

  • Booking details note – Visitors will receive confirmation details such as host, venue, and location details via text/email before arrival. 

  • Photo capture – Get your visitors to click on an image upon arrival, so the hosts know who is visiting and who has left the office space. 

  • Admin alerts – Admins automatically receive real-time email/SMS notifications when a visitor checks in or out.

  • Beyond the Obvious:WorkCtrl’s visitor management solution allows you to create appointments and manage time and attendance. It even integrates with your existing database, access control system, hardware, and more. 

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Increasingly, future workspaces are deploying a hybrid work strategy and compounding on security and user experience. Contactless visitor management software creates an enjoyable experience for visitors and keeps everyone in the workspace safe, manages personal data and streamlines processes for your team. Whether big or small, Visitor Management System is the need of the hour for all companies

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