Getting local Jobs is going to get easier with a Hyperlocal Employment Market place working on an Omnipresent Model- Introducing

According to the Confederation of Indian Industry, only 14 percent out of the 500 million Indian workforce accounts for the formal sector and the remaining 86 percent is part of the unorganized/Informal sector.The total current workforce that is employed in the blue-collar and entry-level job market is 117 million. There are 51 million job providers for this segment. And 12 million people joining the workforce every year. Looking at these numbers India looks to be a promising land of opportunity for the Manpower/staffing business.
With Players like QuikrJobs, aasanjobs, etc the blue collar jobboard market in India has been picking up focus in the last 3-4 years. And the growth of these players has been significant, catering to over 15 million users.
A team of young enthusiasts based out at Noida is fascinated by this problem of Indian economy, and is building a unique solution to serve the Local Employment Market – which Team Talentoj says is a Hyperlocal Employment Market place. A Hybrid Online and Offline Market place which would provide Manpower Solution Including Job Board , Permanent Staffing  and Contractual staffing through a Tech-enabled network of  Naukri Nukkad’s across geography.
A Talent Management professional turned Entrepreneur Rakshit Harbola(who in past has worked with companies like Sapient, Uhg) after moving out from a Leadership role at started this initiate in June 2017 as an offering of Talentoj .
He says “Our purpose is to enable potential of over 1 Million people in next 5 Years. We believe India has the economies of scales, and disruption would only come through understanding and serving the masses. It has to be an omnipresent system to solve the manpower gap in this diverse informal market, which is leaned towards becoming an organized market place with time.
At we want to solve the way employers and employees connect/interact in the local market (Which includes Blue, Grey and White collar Jobs). A lot of gap is prominent in the segment and a very large portion of local manpower needs are unaddressed as on date.
It is important to be present locally if you want to understand, build trust and serve the Local employment market . So we are building a tech enabled network of retail counters which we call NaukriNukkads . These Nukkads will be responsible for serving a defined geography locally by gathering and matching the demands (Jobs) and supply(Candidates). In near future, Naukriukkad will be a one stop standardized solution available across India for all your Manpower needs which includes services of Job-board, Permanent and Temporary staffing.
By 2020 we aim to be present in 50 cities with a network of 700 naukrinukkads in India, serving over 2 million users.”
Adhikaansh Tayal, a founding member who has been leading the technology efforts at told – “We are building a Hyper-local Job board which would focus on simple supportive services both for candidates and employers. Being a Paid Job-board our prime focus is to enable quality of services through technology, and this will be complimented by our Naukrinukkad network and in-house recruiting team. We have just launched a MVP which barely has 5 % features, We are working to build a Product which would evolve to be one of its kind user friendly one stop solution for all all Staffing Needs.”
Kumar Vaibhav, who has been leading the offline efforts told – “With just a team of one member driving offline efforts , We have received a warm response from market in Noida, with just 1 month efforts we have been able to on-board over 15 + Naukrinukkad partners out of which 6 are active and have acquired over 120+ paid offline users (candidates) in this short time. We have over 700+ local candidates in the system and focusing on gathering more demands. In the first month itself we were able to conduct over 20+ interviews and role out offer to 1 candidate. We started to generate revenue from the first day and have realized to move from a Naukrinukkad partner model to a self owned retail chain model to provide better services and venture into B Grade cities across India.”
According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, online talent platforms are increasingly connecting people to the right jobs, By 2025 they could add $2.7 trillion to global GDP, and begin to address persistent problems in the world’s labor markets.

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