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An upcoming exhibit, ‘Cover Story’ is an initiative to discover the hidden meaning behind pictures. Moreover, to understand the blend of art, music and words. What sets this exhibit apart from the Others? ‘Cover Story’ reveals the spirit behind novel jackets and album covers. It’s a first of it’s kind exhibit to take place in India which aims to derive the significance behind those pictures/artwork that catches our eye.
An author’s words and a musicians tune are incomplete without a visual to it. This is the very reason that novel jackets and music albums are intriguing enough for us to pick off the shelf. Though to state a fact – the creative brains behind those masterpieces are hardly recognized. This sole reason is the inspiration for ‘Cover Story’.
For authors and musicians this a great chance to display their work alongside promoting the creative brains behind their covers.
What you get from Jumbish:
  • The Jumbish curators will get the cover pages framed and displayed in the Art Gallery along with the Authors and musicians selling their autographed copy of book/Music CD.
  • Massive promotion on digital and print media
  • Connect with Book lovers, publishers, fellow authors, libraries, cafes promoting books & book reading, book reading clubs, Other media to promote
  • Connect with other forms of art like music bands, designers, artists etc.
  • Sell your autographed books/music album while the exhibition is going on i.e. from 25th Aug to 19th Sep 2017.
  • Share the story of your book/music album with book lovers
For those who wish to display their work, do send in your cover pictures at [email protected]. And click here to pay a small participation fees of Rs.3440/- only. 
About TheySee:
TheySee, an art gallery located at 860, Dastur Meher Road (Camp) is a curated by Jumbish, an organization led by Shankar Mridha (A Life Coach & Curator), Rahul Chakraborty (Watercolorist) and Kartikey Sharma (A Graffiti Artist) which is a hardcore art venture, promoting and displaying art.
After several painting exhibitions and Instagram photo exhibition (InstaSoiree), this unique exhibit is starting on the Auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on 25th of August and will continue till 19th Sep2017.
For more details and updates on the event one can visit the TheySee webpage, Facebook and Instagram page.
Media Coverage: 
Cover Story – A unique exhibition of Book covers and music album covers covered in Hindustan Times on 17th August’17. “A tribute to Creative artists”
You can go thru the complete article at:
TheySee: Various other earlier exhibitions and about the gallery

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