Modi slammed by TMC, A New Conflict Between BJP and Trinamool Congress: Latest News of 2022

Trinamool Congress and the BJP Government had many disputes throughout the latter’s ruling. Religion has been the recent highlight of the burning conflicts surrounding the country. It seems that people have learned from the conflicts emerging in the country not a long time ago.


Recently, our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi was bashed by Congress for making an insensitive comment toward the Hindu Goddess, ‘Kali’. His statement backfired when Congress said, “ A prime minister’s duty is to talk about the well-being of its citizens and the Constitution.”

What Caused the Conflict Between Modi and TMC?

On 10 July, Narendra Modi virtually participated in the event the Ramakrishna Mission organized for appointing the 15th president of Ramakrishna Math, Swami Atmasthananda. Later, he addressed the citizens by referring to Goddess Kali in his speech. In his speech, he mentioned that the blessings of Maa Kali are always with the country. The country is moving forward in an attempt to meet the goal of the spiritual welfare of the world. 

Further, he cited the example of Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa, who was a devotee of Goddess Kali. He surrendered his life at the feet of goddess Kali. Ramakrishna believed that everything revolved around the powers of the goddess Kali. This homage is evident in the Kali Puja of Bengal. This love and purity are visible in Bengal as well as throughout India. 

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Moreover, Modi Ji added that whenever he had a chance to visit the land of Goddess Kali, he visited Belur Math and Dakhineshwar Kali Temple. He felt a strong connection there. Later, he added that power will pave the way when one’s faith and belief are pure. The blessings of Maa kali will follow the country. 

Remarks made by Moitra on Goddess Kali

A little while back, Mahua Moitra made a comment in opposition to Goddess Kali while attending India Today Conclave 2022. Her opinions in regard to her view of the goddess have hurt the sentiments of Hindus all over the country.

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She spoke in support of the Canada-based filmmaker Leena Manimekali who was condemned for coming up with a cigarette-smoking poster of Goddess Kali to promote her upcoming movie. Moitra said that she has every right to imagine Goddess Kali as a meat-eating and alcohol-accepting deity. She believed everyone has their way of expressing their devotion.

Her comments have caused turmoil among the people of various states as police complaints have been filed against her. To her statement, the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister has responded that insults of Hindu deities will be tolerated at no cost.

The Bhopal Police have filed a complaint against Moitra under section 295A (Deliberate and malicious acts intended to offend religious feelings). This adds up to the third FIR filed against TMC’s MP.

Mahua even took the dispute to her social media handle, pointing to the BJP Government that she is not afraid of the goons or the police.

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Mahua’s statement was short-lived. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took a stand for her and defended, stating that mistakes could be rectified where she extinguished the flame of Moitra’s controversial statement.

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Additionally, Mamta Banerjee took a sly dig at the BJP Government for creating a controversy over an opinion. It is seen that TMC distanced itself from the party and declared that Mahua Moitra made the statements based on her individual capacity.

Narendra Modi’s good-willed speech took backfired against him. The TMC’s MP lashed BJP leader Modi mentioning that Didi-o-didi got them the boot referring to the last year’s Assembly Campaign. She took a dig saying Narendra Modi has an ulterior motive for chanting the name of Goddess Kali to win seats in the upcoming election.

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This was followed by the comments made by the Senior TMC leader and MP Sougata Roy, mentioning that the Prime Minister does not know a thing about Kali Puja. He may have visited Belur Math or Dakhineshwar, but that does not mean he would know better about Kali Puja. She later added that Mamata Banerjee is a strong devotee of Kali. She has Kali Thakur in her residence. Moitra ended her statement in a harsh tone. She stated that we do not need to take lessons of Kali Puja from the BJP. 

It seems that many people dug out on Modi’s statement when MP Bikash Bhattacharya bashed out the honourable Prime Minister that it is not the responsibility of a prime minister to invoke religion. Instead, he should talk about the Constitution. The Constitution aims to safeguard religions, and Prime Minister Modi should abide by the Constitution. 

State Congress President Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury added that the leaders should talk about the welfare of the country rather than debating the issue of saying either Ram or Allah.

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Edited by Prakriti Arora

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