Top 10 Best Adtech agencies in India in 2023

The adtech industry is an emerging industry in India. The sector is expanding at a rapid rate. However, the stakeholders believe that the industry is yet to grow because of the pricing model. 

Digital technology has taken a central point in the lives of the people and the adtech sector has become an attractive choice for the stakeholders.

According to the data extracted from valid sources, it was mentioned that the funding in the adtech sector has increased by 208 percent to eight million dollars in CY2021 as compared to 2.6 million USD in CY2020. Furthermore, the sector has raised a total income of 3.8 million USD in CY2022. 

The data speculates a tremendous growth in the adtech sector. It can be contributed to the recent focus on customer experience management (CXM), intelligent automation, and driving better consumer engagements. 

Emerging technologies laws emphasize critical analysis and encourage scrutiny, and the adtech sector is no different.

The disciple existed for many years but it has recently caught the attention of the public. In the era of big data, it has become essential to have adtech companies to make the company’s objective more powerful and attractive to consumers.

The social media dependence has forced agencies to investigate innovative ways to interact with clients rather than solely depending on typical broadcast or digital media buys. 

The advantages provided by the adtech agencies are innumerable. Global advertising has been forecasted to recover 10.4 percent growth reflecting a total spend of 634 billion USD.

But, the main shortcoming is that many industries are yet to figure out what adtech is and how it will benefit the people in the sector.

What is Adtech?

Adtech stands for advertising technology. It refers to the umbrella term for the software and tools that assist agencies and brands target, delivering, and analyzing digital advertising efforts.

The main aim of the adtech agency relies on programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising relies on buying target audiences instead of time slots. It focuses on buying ad space in a demographic location where the right people are watching. 

Omnichannel marketing on the other hand reaches the target consumers across all channels- mobile, video, desktop, and more based on the context that how the users have interacted with the brand.

It is worth mentioning that omnichannel marketing and programmatic marketing are not the only tools within the adtech agency but they are the only tools that have proved to be revolutionary.

Adtech is designed in such a way that it enables to help advertisers to make optimum and better use of their budgets. They mainly focus on delivering the right content at the right moment to the right consumers so that it avoids wasteful spending on advertising.

Currently, the adtech methods are being supported by influential data that allows the agencies to make a wise decision on effectively determining the position advertisements when and where they are needed most.

It ensures the prevention of wastage of efforts and gets the ads to the users at critical touchpoints enabling the process to be meaningful to both the users and the brands.

If one wants to figure out the benefits of advertising technology, the list will go unfinished. The adtech agencies have a lot of moving parts. It indicates that there are countless opportunities for the agencies to get themselves apart. The diversity of adtech data focuses on granular and targeted marketing and integration of the data. 

The advantages have made it mandatory to seek assistance from trusted adtech solutions and platforms to achieve the most out of every ad campaign. 

One major effect among the agencies and the clients is to work on the noticeable improvement in prospect interactions. The brands can now connect with all the advertising channels because of the help of the adtech agency. It enables us to throw out the time-consuming, complicated, and unnatural methods of advertising that irritate the users and the clients.

Instead, adtech agencies focus on cross-platform uniformity that ensures that the brands are reaching the users consistently and logically.

Advertising technology also enables retargeting to enjoy growing popularity. Thus, it represents 90 percent of the advertising costs.

But, the main shortcoming is that the ads can be too intrusive. As a result, it has reduced effectiveness. 

By utilizing the RTB options fueled by the adtech data, it can be made possible to sort out target audiences and present the ads to those audiences who are most likely to convert without badgering the audiences who are not interested in the ads. 

The adtech sector follows many trends to ensure a wide base of targetted clients. Some of which are discussed below:

  • AI Adtech: Programmatic advertising has continued to grow and expand. One of the evolutions in the process is the utilization of automated, artificial intelligence. 

AI can enable to automate the ad purchasing process so that the advertisers can focus on targeting more specific demographics.

The demand for automation in the advertising sector has continued to expand as the adtech industry is growing and evolving rapidly. AI technology helps the process of media buying easier followed by making real-time adjustments across all the channels.

  • Self-service advertising technology: the adoption of new technologies that offer self-serve options has proved to be beneficial in the advertising technology sector. It has helped to reduce the operational costs and time needed to manage clients by providing a branded platform for end-to-end ad campaign management.

It ensures that low-budget advertisers can regulate and minimize their business efforts. It, in turn, provides advertisers with more control and makes it easier for the advertisers to set up and manage advertising campaigns. 

  • Header bidding: It is an automated auction technology that allows publishers to sell their inventory to advertisers through many demand-side platforms (DSPs) while receiving bids from other advertisers simultaneously.

The header bidding allows the publishers to receive multiple bids from multiple advertisers at the same time and it ensures that the advertisers receive a reasonable demand base price for their ad inventory.

There are various types of advertising technology solutions that allow the users to decide what kind of advertising they would focus on. If one is inclined to advertise their ads on mobile devices, they can use mobile adtech solutions.

Likewise, there are various specific adtech solutions like online advertising technology that will allow users to advertise online regardless of their device type, video advertising technology which utilizes video platforms like TikTok Ads to gain a wide base of customers, and native advertising technology when the paid ads match the look, feel, and functions of the media format in which they appear.

How to choose the right adtech agency to serve the user’s purpose?

Firstly, the clients need to look for available demand and inventory. It is better to add direct sales with the help of traffic monetization via programmatic sources. Some adtech providers help to fulfill the demand in addition to the technology.

The traffic monetization concept will help to increase the fill rates and help to monetize the traffic yielding better advertising.

Available ad formats play an important role to reduce the monotony and irritating features of the ads. One must look for an advertising technology that can create catchy formats resulting in yielding the highest outcome for the advertisers.

Mobile accounts comprise 65 percent of digital consumption. Thus mobile advertising has become more popular in the present times. The touch screens have enabled us to make banners with “scratch it” features.

Thirdly, the clients must look out for ways of integration. Many advertising technology agencies control every aspect of advertising from creating campaigns to setting targets and tracking the analytics in real-time.

It will enable the clients to cut down on the cost of advertising. 

The most integral feature of the right adtech agency is that it should be able to provide the reports that the clients have asked for. The reports must be presented in diverse metrics, load fast and keep the data organized for as long as possible. It is an important feature for the analysis and decision-making if the network’s commission is hidden in publishers’ reports.

Top 10 Best Adtech Agencies in India in 2023:

  1. ADZ Junction:

ADZ junction media is one of the fastest growing Indian-global digital marketing hubs. The adtech agency collaborates and works with brands in different categories ranging from Real estate, e-commerce, automobiles, BFSI, travel, Hospitality, and many more. Adtech

It is a private company that was launched on 3 March 2017. It is registered as a non-governmental company and is registered under the registrar of companies in New Delhi. The authorized share capital of the company is 100,000 INR. 

Directors of ADZ junction are Ashok Kumar and Komal Hooda.

ADZ junction is mainly involved in mobile advertising and operates under the authorship of Ashok Nain. Their services include digital strategy and content marketing. The company is oriented toward delivering high-quality traffic to clients who have scalability issues and helping them to identify the right audiences to target.

The company has built a robust affiliate marketing platform with its innovative advertising solutions and can assist clients in real-time tracking and analytics.

The 360-degree digital provider has more than a hundred clients from various sectors and has a business worth 15 million USD in developing technology.

The company has successfully launched a digital campaign for Dr. Lalpathlabs, a reputed company in the health care sector.

The services provided by the company include:

  • Providing brand awareness strategies for different online channels.
  • To set up a cost-effective and full-operational affiliate marketing channel
  • Successful digital campaigns could accelerate growth by multiple times.

The company has its headquarters situated in Gurugram with its offices set up in different locations including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Dubai.

2. Aristoma:

Aristoma is a digital marketing agency situated in India. The adtech agency offers online digital marketing services to businesses or people who focus on increasing their audience reach with the help of various online mediums.

The adtech agency has emerged from being a simple digital marketing agency to a 360-degree digital marketing agency.

The main objective of the company is to design well-founded and impressive content for brands to make commercial dealings more comprehensible, helping the companies to establish a breathtaking position in the ecosystem. 

The company provides the following services ranging from brand management, media planning, social media marketing, search engine optimization, other end-to-end marketing solutions, and many others.

The company not only focuses on advertising to increase the customer base for the clients but focuses on removing every complexity that is hindering a company from creating a name in the industry.

The major challenges faced such as low brand awareness, affinity, and aspirational values, and meeting the obscure generalization of the products are dealt with by the adtech agency. 

The company has its headquarters set up in Raipur but the management is working hard to take the company to an entirely new level by setting up regional offices in Delhi to put the finest marketing solutions forward.

3. DigiVigyan Marketing:

The adtech agency was founded by Amit Verma and is a full-fledged dynamic digital marketing agency that offers multi-oriented services to clients residing in India and worldwide.

The adtech agency provides many services ranging from Website Management, Search engine optimization, search and display advertising, native advertising, online reputation management, Amazon marketing services, and Social media marketing.

The company has emerged as a key player in the adtech sector. Digivigyan offers top-notched digital advertising solutions to businesses to achieve their digital marketing goals.

The services offered by the company including the creation of landing pages with attractive ad copies and banners as helped to meet the needs of the businesses on various social media platforms. 

The adtech agency has collaborated with various social media platforms like Dentsu, M&C Saatchi, and many others.

The company is focussing to earn its name in the world after it has established recognition in India within four years. 

The company has its headquarters situated in Delhi.

4. DYT:

The adtech agency is also known as do your thing and was founded by Ankit Agarwal. It is an influencer marketing platform that offers everything the client requires to build, engage and monetize their content and community.

The adtech agency allows the clients to manage all the little too big things that come hand in hand with being a creator so that the clients do not have to worry about making money and can be more creative. 

It is an online community enabling the content creators an entry into the market ad links brands to the influencers depending on the campaigns. The application allows the active users to promote the brand and earn for each post made, while the brand will focus on finding a safe and secure marketplace to discover the right influencers for the product.

The adtech agency works on a broker-based model where a percentage of the total spending is charged to maintain the platform. 

The startup has gained an investment of 150K USD from angel investors and intends to utilize the funding for further expansion and growth. The company was started in 2016 and has its headquarters situated in Gurugram.

5. EMIAC Technologies:

EMIAC Technologies has emerged as a digital marketing agency and was established in 2017 as a digital startup. Over the years, the company has performed well and outgrown its expectations.

Currently, the company operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. They are a one-stop marketing agency for a wide range of Content Marketing and Blog outreach services. 

The company is a perfect combination of innovation and technology planning to serve the businesses to reach the target markets. Their main services include Content Development, Paid Marketing, Web design, and development.

The marketing agency has more than 1200 clients followed by 2900 projects across 30 countries. 

The company offers an array of services from content development to paid social media marketing and blog outreach. 

It is a top-rated digital marketing agency and content development agency adding to the company’s credibility and goodwill. 

They have an excellent record of delivering projects on time, offering personalized products and premium quality services at affordable prices. 

The company has its headquarters situated in Jaipur in India.

6. Globale Media:

Globale Media is a mobile advertising company dedicated to helping advertisers with branding and user acquisition for various app developers and ensuring the best quality traffic over mobile and social channels.

The company specializes in digital marketing for all kinds of app verticals, including gaming, e-commerce, lifestyle, utilities, and many others.

The company comprises a dedicated team that helps to understand the goals of the advertisers or the app developers and tries to deliver the best ROI positive results with the help of the internet, age, and user-based targeting providing access to the direct publishers.

The company was founded by Bhavesh Talreja and provides services like mobile advertising, brand safety/ verification, and programmatic advertising. 

The company utilizes the approach of bringing in direct advertisers and shows relevant ads which are best suited for the user audience using banners.

The company has emerged as a key player in the adtech sector with a reach of over 500 plus direct publishers and 1000 plus live campaigns in over 120 countries. 

The most integral feature of the agency that distinguishes it from the other agencies is that it provides transparency on the inflation level and not just on the click level. 

The company aims to be among the top five marketing agencies dominating India, the Middle East, and South East Asia.

7. mCanvas:

mCanvas is one of the emerging adtech agencies involved in creating impactful mobile advertising experiences by coupling the brand’s story with smartphone features and sensors. It is an experiential story-telling platform.

The adtech agency is a subsidiary of Affinity and is the brainchild of Vishal Rupani.

It is the first Indian adtech company that can address the challenges of mobile advertising, including banner blindness, poor viewability, accidental clicks, and lack of storytelling. The agency utilizes four kinds of advertising formats, including scrollers, stickers, a spotlight, and a streaming box.

The company has recently joined hands with an adobe advertising cloud that will allow the users to buy experiential rich media content and interactive video ads.

The company has designed voice-enabled interactive mobile ads that have been found to create a lasting experience among users. The company has its headquarters situated in Mumbai.

8. Streamlyn:

Streamlyn is an adtech company that is situated in Bengaluru, India. The company works with websites and applications and helps them to monetize their online traffic by leveraging its proprietary technology and vast experiences in the programmatic advertising field.

The company is among the top programmatic monetization partners that any website or application can rely on to improve the company’s advertising operations, tech capabilities, and revenue. 

 It aims to connect the advertisers with the target audience via the right publisher. Streamlyn has its ad server and algorithm that helps to analyze and optimize monetization, which depends on the solution provided by the team to help the clients with the right ROI and eCPM by using the right cutting-edge technology.

The headquarters of the company is situated in Singapore with offices in India and United States.

9. Tarsan:

The company was founded by Tarun Nayyar and is engaged in mobile advertising and affiliate marketing. It is a leading performance-based mobile media agency that meets the needs of global-level clients including PayTM, M&C Saatchi, and many others.

The company is engaged in delivering performance and branding campaigns and executing of marketing plans on mobile.

Tarsan has an in-house platform named AdMenu that provides clear and quantifiable value to each advertising platform enhancing the ROI on the funding spent on ads as well as boosting the transactional values. The company has a strong mantra of transparency and accountability. It maintains a five-layered security policy to protect sensitive information. 

With the ability to gather information about mobile devices, the adtech agency has been able to create a database of publishers and marketers.

10. UrPopular:

The adtech agency was founded by Siddhart Sinha and Kumaresh Batt. The adtech agency is involved in micro-influencer marketing, measurement, and analytics.

The company is the leading network of micro-influencers who are paid to post on various social media platforms with 240 million organic reach around the platforms. 

The company is focussing on assisting brands to create an ROI-based campaign based on cost-per-view and cost-per-reach micro-influencer campaigns. 

In addition, the tech company has developed algorithms to understand the results of the campaigns and brands to reflect on acquiring efficiency and measurability in their campaigns. 

The headquarters is situated in Bengaluru.

Wrap Up:

The adtech agency is the future of advertising. Many marketers tend to work in an industry that would leverage the full potential of advertising technology. The continuing evolution of the adtech agencies will allow the media houses to gain significant advantages of the opportunities attributed AdTech such as integrating platforms, data sharing, and reaching multiple channels.


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