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IMF: UK Won’t Experience Recession In 2023

IMF: UK Won’t Experience Recession In 2023


The IMF predicted that British GDP would grow by 0.4% in 2023. Despite being the first major economy to forecast a contraction in April, it indicated a 0.3% contraction. According to the Fund, the improved outlook comes primarily from faster-than-usual pay growth, increased government spending, and a more favourable business climate.


Global supply chains have also been normalized by the fall in soaring energy costs. In recent months, the growth outlook has improved somewhat but remains subdued. Economic growth has slowed significantly since the Russian war in Ukraine and the pandemic’s effect on labour supply, and inflation remains stubborn.


By 2025, British inflation is expected to drop to around 5% from over 10% in March, as the Bank of England predicted earlier this month. Accordingly, the IMF predicts an economic growth rate of 1% in 2024, followed by 2% over the next two years, before returning to an average rate of 1.51%.

IMF: UK Won't Experience Recession In 2023

In addition, measures to tackle long-term illness could improve Britain’s growth potential by reducing policy and regulatory uncertainty that hinders business investment, the IMF added. It said there was a recent revision to the EU’s agreement with Northern Ireland about post-Brexit trade and a more measured approach to scrapping EU law.


According to the IMF, Britain’s economy faces the most significant long-term risks from inflation and the unsustainable rise in wages accompanying it. Despite this, IMF directors said there should be regular reviews of the pace and magnitude of monetary tightening because of elevated uncertainty about macroeconomic outlooks and inflation persistence. Financial markets predict that borrowing costs will peak later this year at 5.0% after rising at 12 consecutive meetings.


Tax Cuts


As a result of the IMF’s revised forecast for UK growth, it does not anticipate the country falling into recession this year. Still, it warns the government against tax cuts expected to fuel inflation and lead to high-interest rates for an extended period. 


Tax policy should be aligned with monetary policy to fight inflation, and the chancellor should continue to cut public spending. The UK’s economic outlook was updated on Tuesday with its annual Article IV review to discuss how to pay down government debt and rebuild fiscal buffers.

IMF: UK Won't Experience Recession In 2023

A more optimistic view of the UK’s annual growth was presented in April by the International Monetary Fund, which predicted an increase of 0.4% for the year 2019, in contrast to its April projection of 0.3%. In 2024, the economy is expected to grow at 1% and then to 2% by 2025 and 2026. 


In response to the worst inflation shock, IMF officials upgraded the UK forecast. Financial stability in the US and Switzerland and the collapse of central banks in London also fared better than expected. Bankruptcies have increased in the UK, but the overall picture is a steady, albeit subdued, recovery.


By 2024, inflation should drop below 2%, primarily due to falling energy prices, the report predicted. Nevertheless, it urged the Bank of England to monitor wage growth and business service prices, which have continued to rise. Rather than loosening monetary policy before these elements fall, the central bank should wait for them to do so. 

IMF: UK Won't Experience Recession In 2023

Aside from covering Hunt’s efforts to curb spending and reduce inflation, the report is expected to support his efforts to restrain public spending. As a result of the IMF report, Hunt said, our actions to restore stability and tame inflation have been credited by the IMF.


Much praise is expressed for our childcare reforms, the Windsor framework, and the business investment incentives we have offered. According to the IMF, our long-term growth prospects are better than those of Germany, France and Italy – but we still have a long way to go. 


It is the right objective for the IMF to control inflation when record high levels have been experienced over decades, according to Kristalina Georgieva, its managing director. To increase investment opportunities, reducing tax burdens is useful. 


The only time it is affordable is when you can afford it. In the current inflationary situation, such a policy is neither reasonable nor desirable since it takes a concerted effort to constrict demand and increase supply to bring down inflation.

IMF: UK Won't Experience Recession In 2023

Reports disclose a fragile economy in the UK and predict households will not thank the government for sending mortgages skyrocketing and putting a question mark on Britain’s investment potential. Despite government leadership changes during the past year, IMF officials said uncertainty over policies and regulations had deterred business investment. 


In the wake of the September ‘mini-budget’ stress episode, Hunt had re-established his credibility, but he should consider giving the independent forecaster of the Federal Budget a greater role. Last month, the UK borrowed more than £25bn to balance its books, higher than expected and the second-highest borrowing figure ever recorded for April. 


Welfare and pension payments increased due to soaring inflation, as did energy bills capping costs for homes and businesses. UK companies’ growth slowed this month while firms continued to raise prices. Data shows British economic growth remained centred on the services sector in May. Nevertheless, manufacturing firms saw their production fall faster than in the past four months.


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