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Top 10 Best MLM businesses of India in 2023

As an MLM or marketing tactic, direct selling entails providing customers with products or services directly in settings other than retail stores, such as their homes, online, or other locations. In this business strategy, distributors profit by offering products to customers. Modern retailers can increase their sales potential by expanding their sales teams.

The two primary business models used in direct selling are single-level advertising and multilevel marketing. In one-level marketing, the straight seller makes money by buying products from suppliers and reselling them to customers. In network marketing, also known as multilevel selling, the direct seller can earn money from direct sales by encouraging a new committed seller to receive a commission.

Modern direct selling includes all sales methods, including online transactions, party planning, and private demonstrations. As part of the party plan marketing strategy, a group of potential customers is gathered, and the product is presented to them.

Direct selling consultants are free to run their businesses however they see fit, even though they work independently and are associated with a company that uses the channel. Consultants build dependable relationships with prospective clients through personal interactions and product demonstrations. In this era of social networking, direct selling is a go-to-market strategy that may be more effective for many businesses and product offerings than traditional advertising or securing prime shelf space.

What characteristics characterize a prosperous direct-selling enterprise in India?

There are also many types of factors to consider when choosing a trustworthy direct-selling company in India. While every person’s direct sales company preferences are different, some traits that all direct sales companies share will help you decide if the organization is a good fit.

1. Provided goods and services

A tremendous direct-selling company’s products and services should be given top priority when making a decision. One of the most significant benefits a direct sales company can offer is the chance for the natural salesperson to use and benefit from the products firsthand.

The ultimate goal of starting a direct selling business is to sell products. As a result, the direct-selling company must offer a wide selection of high-quality products. Additionally, by using these products, customers should be able to live better lives. Therefore, the best way for a straight seller to judge the quality of the goods is to use them directly.

If a distributor has used the product themselves, they can sell it more persuasively. Someone who has also used the product and can vouch for its benefits can make a better sales pitch. A successful direct salesperson should be knowledgeable about a product’s advantages, practical applications, and critical differences from competing goods.

2. Potential for growth

Success in both life and business can only be attained through growth and change. A factor in direct selling and multilevel marketing success is the size of the company concept and also how anyone can create a winning team. Thousands of devoted customers and business owners support anyone who joins the QNET Indian family. Due to their sales team and clientele growth, their direct selling business expands. All direct industries have a tremendous amount of room for development.

3. Growth of the Self

The path of an entrepreneur is dynamic and ever-changing. It is essential to improve your skills and capabilities as your business grows. Successful businesspeople must possess various skills, such as effective resource management and interpersonal communication. Running a business of any kind is one of the most influential and also empowering things one can do. More self-assurance in both life and work is made possible by it. Additionally, it enables people to grow in their leadership skills and cultivate wholesome interpersonal relationships. It allows my success and personal development.

4. Payroll Schedule

In the end, the main objective of a direct selling company is to offer the prospect of financial security. Choosing a top-notch direct-selling company in India with a solid compensation plan is essential. For most people, direct selling is the most fulfilling occupation because of its scalability and scalable nature.

The main source of income for a reputable direct-selling company like QNET is commissioned. The direct seller receives a commission for referring QNET products to its customers. Because their own sales teams grow, QNET distributors’ overall income rises.

And not just that. As they increase their sales force and volume of sales, direct sellers should expect to receive more rewards and incentives.

5. Vision and Mission 

Direct selling businesses, like QNET India, offer more than just a way to start a business and make money. They serve as a means of assisting the community. The founders of QNET were motivated by the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and the concept of selfless service. The three cornerstones of QNET India are care, service, and integrity.

According to reports, these direct-selling companies have been active overseas for a while now. Below is a list of the top 10 MLM businesses that have so far received endorsements.

The Top 10 MLM Business In India in 2023-

1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd.

An Indian Most Direct Company named Mi Lifestyle Advertising Global Private Limited was established in Chennai in 2013. It is a direct selling company that provides consumers with a range of lifestyle products that the Ministry of AYUSH has approved. It is the first direct sales company to offer traditional and FMCG products at competitive prices, and the company’s portfolio includes more than 100 items covering almost all market segments.

Devendra Fadnavis on Twitter: "Thank you Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited for contribution of ₹25,00000 towards #CMReliefFund #MaharashtraFloods" / Twitter

Realizing every employee’s dream of working for the company is its aim. Our company’s website of authorized distributors and clients benefits greatly from our growing dominance in the direct selling market in our country. Indian Direct Selling Company has been in business for more than 19 years. It is a part of and belongs to the company. The business has a solar year worth 2500 crores. The FDSA is the owner of Mi Lifestyle.

2. RCM

The RCM business, which was established in 1988 and has historically been the target of significant frauds, is connected to the Rajasthani neighbourhood of Jaipur. This led to the closure of some RCM companies and a slowdown in company operations; however, the company was re-established in 2012.

RCM Business की पूरी जानकारी|Plan, Company details, product

RCM has become a source of employment during the current corona, and customers can now buy their goods without leaving their homes, which is the best thing about the Company’s current situation. People are happy and interacting, and the business is prospering as a result.

3. Amway

Amway is an American company that uses a multilevel marketing approach to sell a variety of products, particularly in the markets for health, beauty, and home care. with its unique selection of free products. The company provides more than 200 products across almost all market segments. Amway provides conventional goods and most of the FMCG line at competitive prices.

The company generated significant earnings of US$9.5 billion (2015). Amway takes part in IDSA. The portfolio includes over 100 products that cover every market niche in addition to a special offer of free products. Even with traditional products, Amway offers the majority of FMCG category products at affordable prices. The Company has made a sizable $9.5 billion profit (2015). Amway takes part in IDSA. | Official website of the Amway corporation

All Amway India products, except for the Best and also a few items in the Health and Fitness category, are produced there. Along with its 500 full-time employees, Amway India employs 2,000 individuals through its manufacturer locations. Over 650,000 people have benefited from the company’s potential for revenue generation as an open Amway business owner.

4. Vestige

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., a leading direct sales company that deals in high-quality healthcare and personal care products, started its ILS operations in 2004. Vestige is still growing extraordinarily quickly each year. With more than 200 products in its portfolio, almost every market category is represented by its distinctive free product offering. Vestige offers the majority of FMCG products at affordable prices and with traditional goods.

Vestige reviews | Vestige business plan | Vestige marketing plan

Vestige belongs to IDSA. The rate of growth in its CLF tells us a lot about the quality of the products, marketing strategy, and management that can result in such a successful and long-lasting system.

It increases the number of health products it offers each year, all of which are made in modern GMP and Halal-certified manufacturing facilities. Vestige is dedicated to offering top-notch services to all of its clients as a direct selling company with ISO 9001-2015 certification. It has established a sizable distributor network that is continually growing, with more than 3000+ physical and online sales outlets all over India, significant overseas offices, and numerous distribution centres.

Vestige is ranked number 30 on the World 100 list of the top direct-selling companies in the world for 2020. All of the company’s members and also supporters of its healthcare and wellbeing products have seen improvements in their lives as a result of Distributing Wealth, which stands for also spreading riches through wellbeing.

5. Modicare

Since the Modi Group of Companies was established, improving, engaging, and enabling people’s lives has remained its core principle. This way of thinking was still at the heart of the Modicare Foundation when it was founded in 1996. The Modi family has a distinguished legacy that includes the age-old practise of giving back to society while enhancing people’s lives for a better, more honourable future.

Modicare Limited

People are encouraged to pursue their dreams by Modicare, the first direct-selling company in India and a significant player in the sector. Through their own eyes, leaders, trailblazers, philanthropists, and businesspeople who were passionate about giving people the chance to aspiration and the means to achieve their aspirations tell their stories. They have helped people from all walks of life realize their full potential as entrepreneurs by educating them, spotting their potential, and giving them a platform.

Modicare has given people access to financial freedom, which has enabled them to rediscover their confidence and realize their full potential.

6. Forever Living Products.

A privately held multilevel marketing company called Forever Living Goods manufactures and sells aloe vera-based beverages, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and personal care items. Rex Maughan, the company’s CEO, founded it in 1978. About 150 products in its line, which is distinctive in its free product marketing, cover almost all market segments.

Forever offers the majority of FMCG products as well as traditional FMCG products at competitive prices. The business had grown to more than 4,000 employees, a network of 9.3 million dealers, and also $1.7 billion by the 1990s after purchasing the US company Aloe Vera in 2010. reported income.

Catalogue - Forever Living Products in Bodakdev, Ahmedabad - Justdial

A selection of more than 150 products covering every market sector is available with a special offer of free products. Even though it is traditional, Forever offers the majority of the products in the FMCG sector at a fair price.

Forever Living Products claimed to have more than 1000 stores, a network of 9.3 million partners, and also $1.7 billion in sales in 2010 after mainly acquiring Aloe Vera of the USA in the 1990s.

7. IMC

IMC is also known as IMC Business. In its full name, IMC stands for “International Marketing Corporation.” IMC was established in 2007 by Ashok and Satyan Bhatia, who also serve as chairman. The IMC’s corporate office is in Ludhiana, Punjab. IMC is mainly an MLM (Direct Selling Company) that sells goods for the home, body, and health.

As a devoted member of FICCI, IMC IDSA (Indian Network Marketing Association) Company works hard to provide the best services it can to advance society and the global community, and has frequently been praised and recognized for its efforts to create a pleasurable and sustainable environment everywhere.

IMC has become a well-known brand in India, with millions of happy customers and tens of thousands of satisfied employees. With a presence all over the world, it is aggressively expanding its horizons.

IMC Product List 2022 | आईएमसी प्रोडक्ट लिस्ट | Best MLM

IMC came up with the concept of AloeVeda to celebrate Indian culture, improve health, and give everyone a basic means of subsistence. Aloe vera combines the benefits of both aloe vera and ayurvedic medicine. IMC has created a range of cutting-edge products based on this concept in an effort to restore people’s faith in the environment and its rejuvenating qualities. IMC has significantly improved the lives of thousands of people through years of unwavering commitment and work, and it aspires to keep moving in this direction.

8. Herbalife 

Herbalife, a well-known supplier of nutritional products, has helped people lead active, healthy lives since 1980. The majority of FMCG line products are also sold by the business at customarily low prices. Help hungry kids eat healthy food. The company’s over 100 product lines cover almost all market segments and include a unique free product. Herbalife and IDSA are joint ventures.

Herbalife Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

9. Asclepius Wellness Private Limited 

Asclepius Wellness is a direct-selling company with its headquarters in India. It is a company founded by professionals that sells health products. At Asclepius Wellness, we promote high-quality wellness products to encourage entrepreneurial dynamism. The company uses cutting-edge manufacturing processes, environmentally friendly components, and scientific formulae to create its products.

Through you, Asclepius Wellness disseminates knowledge and guidance to help clients make informed decisions.

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited was also established on October 7, 2014. The Delhi Registrar of Companies lists it as a non-profit organization. It has a paid-up capital of Rs. 5,000,000 and an authorized share capital of Rs. 5,000,000. various wholesale [Includes wholesale of various goods without any particular specialization and specialized wholesale not also listed in any other groups.]

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited

On December 24, 2020, Asclepius Wellness Private Limited held its most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM). The company’s most recent balance statement, according to records kept by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), was released on March 31, 2020.

Scientific formulas, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and eco-friendly ingredients are used to create Company Products. To help its clients make informed decisions, Asclepius Wellness disseminates information and training.

10. India Atomy

Atomy Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. of India Atomy has established branch offices abroad since its founding in 2009, starting with Atomy USA in 2010 and subsequently expanding to Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, and Thailand.

Atomy was able to accomplish an amazing feat: not one but also multiple Export Tower Prizes ($5 million in year 2011, $7 million in 2013). This was made possible by offering high-quality products to the general public and working tirelessly in international markets. (Ten million in $20 million) $30 million in 2015 and 2016 increased to $50 million in 2017.

It achieved a remarkable feat by winning numerous Export Tower Awards. Atomy’s commitment to producing high-quality goods for the general public and its ongoing efforts to do so on international markets. In 2018, Atomy intends to open branch offices in Austria, Vietnam, and Indonesia. In 2019, the company plans to expand in China, the largest direct sales market in the world.

Atomy India Products Price List 2022 PDF Download

As it has always been, Atomy is dedicated to achieving its goal of turning into a centre for international distribution. Since its inception, Atomy has never intended to currently compete with other network marketing businesses.

To reorganize and reinvent the way people shop, they compete with mass merchandisers like supermarkets, clothing stores, home goods services, and online retailers. Atomy is about to rewrite Network Marketing’s history entirely. Atomy will lead the industry in transforming reputation and recognition from a foundation built on values.


The controversy is a result of many multilevel marketing firms’ initial disregard for a clear regulation promulgated by organizations like the Prize Chits and Cash Exchange (Banning) Act of 1978 and the Direct Selling Associations of the US, among others. A network marketing organization’s policy states that no chain of sales is permitted to be compensated merely for introducing or hiring new salespeople.

When the money for those in the pyramid accrues and grows as a result of the pyramid’s base widening and the recruiter earning money just by adding a new seller, the chain transforms into a Ponzi scheme. A recruiter should only be compensated when a sale is made to a customer other than another recruit, according to customs. Sharing a portion of the seller’s fee with other parties in the supply chain is both morally right and productive when a transaction results in new economic activity.

Multilevel marketing companies made money by hiring new sellers by deducting the cost of the starter kit provided to a new hire from their revenue. Even after more seasoned direct sellers stopped using it, this practise sparked the discussion, which has persisted ever since.

7.3 million fewer business owners who sold goods or services in the United States on a part-time or full-time basis used the direct sales strategy. In the direct sales channel in 2021, there were 128.2 million preferred customers and discounted buyers. This clearly shows that, over time, customers have given the company a lot of attention and trust.

The network marketing sector now has a very varied appearance. The direct selling sector has benefited from recent advancements in the travel and tourism sector, internet commerce, digital currency platforms, and educational materials. As a result, there have been many new companies founded in the natural sales industry.

How the Internet and the Coronavirus Are Being Used by Multilevel Marketing Distributors to Expand Their Businesses?

When Christine Baker, a struggling stay-at-home mother of two young girls, decided she wanted to lose 30 pounds, she followed the example of a friend who had found success with Beachbody. Baker spent about $160 on the company’s online diet and exercise programmes, but they were effective.

“I looked and felt like a different person literally within 30 days,” says Baker of Roseville, California, who was so inspired by the 2015 transformation that she chose to launch her own business as a Beachbody fitness coach. She began shelling out roughly $135 per month to set up her own website and buy Beachbody products, and she went to work pursuing clients. Nevertheless, Baker claims that the weight piled back on but the money did not flow in as she spent more time attempting to sell people on Beachbody and less time exercising herself.

You’re working yourself to the bone. You need to check in with your group every day and keep everyone motivated because if they don’t lose weight and see results, they won’t continue to buy from you, says 48-year-old Baker. “I felt as though I were just wasting money.” By the time Baker gave up on Beachbody, she had already spent countless hours and lost several thousand dollars, according to Baker.

Regulators have long viewed multilevel marketing companies (MLMs) like Beachbody with suspicion, and for a good reason—MLMs like this one rely heavily on distributors like Baker rather than salaried employees to sell goods and services. 99% of participants lose money, according to research from the Consumer Awareness Institute that was published on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website. According to statistics, winning the lottery has a higher probability than earning hundreds of thousands of dollars through an MLM, claims Robert FitzPatrick, co-author of the book False Profits and CEO of

What Is an MLM? How Multilevel Marketing Works

However, some MLM distributors are courting new investors with guarantees of big money and the chance to work from home—seemingly ideal for those who are unemployed—as the COVID-19 pandemic sends the economy into its worst downturn since the Great Depression.

Facebook posts advertising jobs are simple to spot, but they rarely include the disclaimer that these positions do not come with a guarantee of pay. A distributor of Young Living essential oils promoting its Thieves product line wrote on Facebook, “Worried about the Coronavirus?” “Thugs eliminate germs!” In a similar post, a Color Street MLM seller encouraged members to “invest some of that stimulus check in yourself and start making money instantly.” Color Street sells nail polish strips.

Some vendors make claims about the antiviral properties of supplements and essential oils that are not FDA-approved. Things are selling out because of the flu and coronavirus, according to a seller for the essential-oil MLM doTERRA. “Now is a good time to replenish if you are low on these immune-boosting protection items.” TIME looked at dozens of statements on social media that were similar.

The FTC has sent letters to 16 MLMs cautioning them against making claims about the potential financial gains for investors, coronavirus-related health benefits of their products, or both.

But because of the Internet, the $35.2 billion industry is evolving quickly, making the FTC’s job more difficult. Today’s MLM distributors can connect with millions of potential recruits worldwide on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, unlike earlier MLMs that relied on door-to-door sales.

Private messages, which regulatory bodies like the FTC can’t monitor, are part of a distributor’s marketing arsenal. According to Kati Daffan, assistant director for marketing practises at the FTC, “[Social media] can be like a laboratory for deception.” “All of these members are competing with one another to trick more people. If no one is looking down on them, they are free to act however they please.

And there is a willing audience because there are so many people without jobs. According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the trade association for MLMs, 51% of the 51 companies that responded to a survey in early June stated that COVID-19 has had a “positive” impact on their 2020 revenue, and 59% of those same companies responded to a subsequent survey.

According to DSA President Joseph Mariano, some sellers have exaggerated the rewards that could be obtained from investing in their businesses. He claims that occasionally, a few overly zealous people will say things that they shouldn’t. The reality is that direct selling is typically a modest additional income opportunity when you have a vulnerable population of people who have lost their jobs or are concerned about losing their jobs.

It won’t make you wealthy, unfortunately. Mariano claims that the DSA and the BBB have collaborated to monitor claims made about the advantages of products and the potential earnings of their sellers. This year, the FTC has received four referrals from the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) for possible false advertising investigations.

However, recessions are usually advantageous for MLMs, and this one is continuing as new COVID-19 outbreaks slow store reopenings. According to a DSA report, MLM sellers increased during the 2007–2009 Great Recession, increasing from 15.1 million in 2008 to 18.2 million in 2014.

Celebrity backing was helpful. Former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Rachel Hollis, and Donald J. Trump, a private citizen, have all made appearances at MLM events or provided company endorsements over the years. They continue to have the support of many athletes and influencers as distributors join forces to market everything from leggings to kitchenware.

Investors, also known as distributors or sellers, make money at the majority of MLMs by promoting a company’s goods and enlisting others to do the same. Then, based on the sales of their recruits, they receive commissions or bonuses. However, communities become overpopulated after investors have attracted as many friends and family as they can, making it difficult for new vendors to find buyers.

Many distributors, according to detractors, wind up drowning in inventory they can’t sell and getting further into debt as a result of being pressured to spend more money on attending bonding conferences and training seminars. Illyssa Demarino, a 31-year-old bartender from Phoenix who tried three MLMs and spent thousands of dollars in vain, says “They tell you if you don’t go to a training, if you miss a single training, you will never be successful.” “It’s so simple to fall into a cultish mindset.”

MLMs position themselves as alternatives to the gig economy, which has been severely impacted by COVID-19; apps like Uber are suffering because fewer people are using shared transportation, while Instacart and Doordash are overrun with new employees, which lowers gig pay.

A Complete Guide of Multi-Level Marketing Business Model

Women, who have been hit particularly hard by this recession, are the MLM industry’s main target audience. It presents itself as a glamorous and safer alternative. When bars, restaurants, hotels, and casinos closed, along with babysitting and housekeeping jobs, their service-sector jobs were the first to disappear.

Before the pandemic, MLMs began using hashtags like #bossbabe and #momtrepreneur to speak in pop feminism. In an effort to sell consumers unattainable beauty as well as fitness and beauty products, some vendors manipulate before-and-after images online.

Jamie Ludwig, who in 2014 was persuaded by a friend she could make good money working from home in Kansas City, Missouri, while selling weight-loss shakes and other supplements for an MLM called AdvoCare, says, “I was the perfect target.” “A new mother who wanted to lose the baby weight and was frantic to be at home with my children.” Drew Brees, the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, has endorsed the business, which in Ludwig’s opinion, lends it credibility.

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