Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Kanpur 2022.

Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Kanpur 2022.

After Lucknow, Kanpur is the second-largest city in Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur lands have many historical truths. Today, the city has undergone major transformations in terms of progress, expansion, and the influx of new businesses, propelling it to the top of the business rankings. Kanpur was the first city in India to be called an industrial hub after the British arrived. The city has always been there in the minds of its citizens for its textile industry, which covers the majority of the land, and people have always been preferring Kanpur leather.

The city has made major progress in the sphere of education. IIT Kanpur, one of Uttar Pradesh’s most prominent and popular universities for its culture and education, comes to mind when we think of individuality, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Apart from research, the city has backed some incredible startups that have benefited the city’s citizens majorly. It has developed a startup ecosystem or culture that is dedicated to providing best services to the city’s citizens.

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The Uttar Pradesh government has already started a policy of playing a big role in finding startups based in the city. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath declared a startup investment of $156.2 million, or 1,000 crores, in August of last year. Aside from that, the chief minister stated that a mobile application will be developed for the state’s new and existing start-ups. The city is even called the research and development city.

It has seen some quick changes in the city in recent years, and now they use of metro trains has added to the city’s development aspect. Many new enterprises or start-ups have flooded the Kanpur start-up ecosystem with their services and operations. The top 10 major and innovative start-ups that have exploded in the city are listed below.

1.  AUS

अगर आपके पास भी है स्टार्टअप का दमदार आइडिया तो पा सकते हैं 50 लाख तक का फंड - Kanpur News

It is a drone manufacturing start-up founded by Nikhil Upadhaye in 2013. Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) is a firm that has been producing the most competent and advanced types of drones and their solutions for a variety of businesses in the city. The startup’s hardware process of optimization, designing with innovation, and ultimate drone intelligence are all being given special attention.

 This company is the first company in the city that has been from yours developing professional solutions in the drone intelligence for different companies this company was started from their one and only IIT Kanpur in the year 2013. In the last few years, the US has constantly set up the best kind of roles and given the benchmarks because of their hard work and the continuous focus and effort on drone manufacturing and drone manufacturer.

 Many reputed and successful Companies have been supporting this start-up like GrowX, 500 start-ups, 3one4 capital, and Mr. Ashok Atluri of Zen technologies. This company or startup provides ultimate services because their manufacturing are the kinds of products that are built with the best quality. It has the highest Will it is for the data capturing and has an amazing capability for the process of data processing.

It is linked with the government in India which is related to the businesses of UAV-based mapping and surveys. Till Now the company’s manufacturers have covered almost 10,00,000 hectares of land and it is still moving towards better results and improvement in projects.

Company Overview

               Legal Name Aarav Unmanned Systems Pvt Ltd. 
               Industries Drones, Delivery & Robotics
                Founder(s) Yeshwanth Reddy, Nikhil Upadhye, Suhas Banshiwala & Vipul Singh
             Founded Date                     2013
         Total Funding Amount                   $748.5 K
               Investors BellWeather Advisors & 500 Startups

2. Sociota

List of Successful Startups in Kanpur

This is the top-ranked Kanpur start-up. This is a business that focuses on social media monitoring, management, employee engagement, communication, socializing, and social media analytics. It works with the management of social media platforms for different companies or firms, and the processes of logging in and out of different social media platforms.

This starter was founded in 2014 by Nikhil Tiwari and Amitesh Mishra who started the Company with the vision of providing people and new ways of managing their social media platforms and communicating with people with full security. It has the kind of tools that allows the management of all the social media platforms very easily because it is the two major tools used in this company are monitoring and reporting.

It is the one platform that allows you to have a kind of management in which you can have the monitoring all of the different platforms not one single platform of society. Easily manage their Facebook and Twitter profiles very easily by monitoring both of the accounts separately with full focus.

It is called an across platform kind of a company because it has many ways of making the analysis, and the reporting techniques and gives the facility of just multiple posting under one. It is called a multipurpose kind of a platform because it allows you to have useful features like scoring, and meeting, the monitoring process, and marketing of all of your social media profiles and different pages.

You can easily contact all of their friends and family and manage their social media profiles or different profiles just on a single page and have the best time with so much ease. It provides you with the best insights would you can use to include into your different strategies which would benefit you in the long run. This company easily allows all of the customers to daily keep a track of the keywords or their profiles and all the accounts and have real-time updates and the details.

Company Overview

               Legal Name     Sociota Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
               Industries      Social Media Management
                Founder(s) Nikhil Tiwari & Amitesh Mishra
             Founded Date                    2014
         Total Funding Amount                     NA 
               Investors                 Acquired 

3. PROSOC Innovators

Products – PROSOC

It is the social company that is working in Kanpur, India which has been established with the vision of developing and designing some of the most innovative services and products of social importance to empower the people of the society the city. The company name PROSOC innovators Have been named after the idea of serving the products for a society which is considered to be an essential part of our lives.

This company is and yes IDBI innovation and an incubation center of the University of IIT Kanpur which was held to design and make some of the most innovative and creative products like agriculture, likelihood, education, and many other things.

 It is completely a for-profit kind of company or a social enterprise that has been established to develop and make the designs for its most innovative products and services, all of which comes under the importance of the empower people in society.

How are the fields like agriculture, livelihood, health care, education, and many other things? This company has been operating in India and it has empowered many people in the whole country at the bottom the bed meant to have a standard of life and maintain a good life by using the most innovative kind of products. This company was established in 2015 by Eshan Sadasivan.

Company Overview

               Legal Name  PROSOC Innovators Pvt Ltd. 
               Industries  Education, Health care & Livelihood
                Founder(s)               Eshan Sadasivan
             Founded Date                      2015
         Total Funding Amount                       NA
               Investors                   Acquired

4. Evive

What is evive, Battery Installation, Input-Output Power Module - evive Tutorial

It is a form that is completely open-source the kind of a platform that is built for the people of all the age groups and it very much helps them to build, learn, debug robotics, and many other different kinds of projects.

This company has one kind of an on-screen or an open screen interface which allows the customers to choose the product with different options that are bailable on the platform and to add the user-defined functions whenever you required them in your project.

It was in 2007 when the company’s co-founders Prashant Srivastava and Peter service understood the problem that the health care benefits experiences were not people-friendly or in any way, it was giving benefits to the people.

Although there were some offerings by the employees of the increasing benefits that were coming with the health care and the other facilities or anything else that would have cost them more advantage but still the use of the complete process of the project was still very low this was the major problem that they recognized.

Then they started a platform or a vision to bring or uplift the emerging science And big data applications or projects to completely convert the benefits experience of the consumers. In today’s time, Evive has been helping consumers to improve their engagement in the journey, and it has been giving power to millions of people and exercising them the full advantage of their employee resources. It was from the beginning when the company was started, that it had just one major focus to give a boost to the engagement level of their consumers and even the well-being of the consumers.

It works with their sole vision to completely change The use of benefits for people by providing them the most integrated and the late kind of data analytics which kind of steps to represent the whole person of the company.

It has been activating the principles of the most predictive big data analytics and the behavioral psychology economic’s to inspire a more advantage, awareness and even the motivate the intelligent part of the people for the process of decision making and to have the best kind of results.

 Evive Makes a benefit simple parts of daily life and when the employees of the company use their particular benefits then they experience great things in their lives. The company guides their employees to properly use the benefits that they have been given and even shows them the utilization of those benefits and in which way they would use them to have a better business outcome.

Company Overview

               Legal Name      Evive Health Care, Ltd.
               Industries Information Services, Information Technology & Software
                Founder(s) Prashant Srivastav & Peter Saravis
             Founded Date                     2007
         Total Funding Amount                       NA
               Investors                    Acquired

5. HealthMitra

Net मित्र News Channel. 01 Jan 2021 Episode 2 - Health Mitra Meditation Health-related topics by Jyotindra Zaveri (podcast) | Listen Notes

HelpMitra is a company that was started in 2016 by Manish Vishnoi, Rahul Gupta, and Saurabh Bajpai. It is a healthcare platform or a pharmacy company that works with the advanced data-driven health care all kinds of processes and it works in the field of healthcare issues as in health care streaming with the use of the cloud access and that a beta is then acquired by the school and the parents and their clients to doctors according to the assessment of their health details and records.

HealthMitra is a company that has a group of professionals or doctors that would always give you the best advice about your health and would recommend how you can further make your situation better in life in terms of health.

We have joined hands to put their professional education and their efforts for the welfare of the customers be a poor old or anyone who needs it. It is a company that has not made any the bounds when it comes to people because it treats everyone with the same level of dedication so this is the one part that is the striking about this company has no discrimination or no need to think about this for that if you are poor then you can’t be a part of this company.

It has been trying since 2016 to make the lives of the people better and smarter and provide them with ways to live happy life and bring the most out of their lives.

Company Overview

               Legal Name HealthMitra International Pvt Ltd.
               Industries                   Health Care
                Founder(s) Manish Vishnoi, Saurabh Bajpai & Rahul Gupta
             Founded Date                     2011
         Total Funding Amount                      NA
               Investors                   Acquired

6. Systoo Technology

Website Designing Company Kanpur | Website Re-Designing Company-Systoo Technologies

Systoo technology is not just a name for the website designing and the online reputation part but it is a company that has become India’s one of the leading software development companies with its great mobile application development and providing the best website development features.

It is a company that believes in the innovative kind of online presence or developing the sophisticated kind of web approaches to fulfill the needs of the people. Everyone nowadays is a brilliant designer when it comes to a web layout or any type of online procedure. This organization is known as an online image company because it has assisted many people in establishing their online reputation and providing opportunities to improve their corporate structure and opportunities.

 This company has the most exclusive kind of options which will always help you to get away from your online mycology and also to start believing in the new kind of advancement and technology. It makes the process by combining the search engine marketing strategies and has paid social along with display the services of the media to make it into a single team of their Systoo Technology.

It helps their clients very much in bringing their paid media strategies and budget for the most optimum results. This company works on an amazing workflow and provides their clients with the flexibility they have in them. It believes in its internet marketing with the most high-quality kind of website promotion programs and services.

Company Overview

               Legal Name           Systoo Technologies
               Industries Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Web Design, Web Development & Software
                Founder(s) Abhimanyu Singh & Sumit Kanaujia
             Founded Date                        2014
         Total Funding Amount                          NA
               Investors                          NA

7. AHA Taxis

EbixCash Acquires 70% Stake In Inter-City Cab Operator AHA Taxis

It has the most amazing kind of delivery of the outstation trips and delivering the best kind of experiences to people. It is the one company working in the city which has the most affordable trips. They provide the people or different families with their facilities through which people can easily save the cost for their outstation travel just by charging on the actual km traveled.

Most of the time if we see in India then we see that the taxi drivers always tend to charge a return fare even if it is only a one-way trip because they make it do it for not being assured of their customer’s return journeys. But with this platform of AHA taxis, customers don’t need to pay anything extra to the drivers.

Because of this factor this company has been experiencing a great demand for its website, mobile application, and call center. The taxis provided by this company provide a great deal of ease of comfort and flexibility to the customers because of which it has acquired a great reputation in the citizens of the city.

Company Overview

               Legal Name           AHA Taxis Private Ltd
               Industries Rental, Tourism, Travel & Transportation
                Founder(s) Amit Grover, Kunal Krishna, Praveen Samariya & Shivam Mishra
             Founded Date                    2015
         Total Funding Amount                      NA
               Investors                      NA

8. Aryan Essential Oils

Organic Lavender Oil - Aryan International

Kanpur-based Aryan Essential Oil is one of India’s major suppliers and manufacturers of retail natural essential oils. This company’s products are of exceptional quality, allowing their customers to perform admirably, use them effectively, and even encourage Western nations.

The items we obtain from this business are very diluted with one another and do not contain any artificial features, and they have the best kinds of smells and have made a huge name for themselves worldwide.

Ajay Dixit created the company in 2014, intending to provide the city with 100 percent natural oils and Hydroxy Citronellol. Aryan essential oils have a catalog that lists their entire product and service line. You may get the greatest deal on sensuous oils and even take advantage of discounts on special offers that are provided regularly for certain occasions or events.

Company Overview

               Legal Name           Aryan Essentials Oils
               Industries Food, Beverage, Health Care & Oils
                Founder(s)                Ajay Dixit
             Founded Date                   2014
         Total Funding Amount                     NA 
               Investors                   Funding

9. Wellnessmonk

List of Successful Startups in Kanpur

Wellness Monk is a firm that was established in 2017. It was recently known as ‘Pharmacyonnet,’ however, in 2019 it changed its name to Wellnessmonk. This company sells a wide scope of wellbeing, medical care, individual administrations, mother and newborn child care, as well as every one of the vital homegrown things like beverages, tidbits, and food.

It is worried about its virtual confidential servers, which are 100% of an imaginative starting up. Giyan Dixit made me mean to give the best things in the medical services and health enterprises to his clients and devotees.

It has the most committed in-house group of drug specialists, dieticians, and board specialists, making us stand apart from the monster commercial centers. When is Monk is an organization directed by Food security. With this standard Authority of India, the brands added to their organization or on the entry are completely investigated by the Quality control group.

The main purpose of the company is to have greenery all around and chemical-free with their varieties of natural products, which have the ingredients in their original form. You can easily purchase their organic products online in India and from their website at the lowest price. The company intends to provide the end-user the best experience of their trustworthiness while shopping from their website.

It brings the most exclusive and impressive range of organic products with free shipping and quick delivery. The sole aspiration of Venice is to offer the best of health products to the remotest of the areas in India using the advice of the expertise and experience that they hold of more than 14 years in the field of Healthcare and wellness.

Company Overview

               Legal Name 
               Industries E-Commerce, Health Care & Wellness
                Founder(s)                 Gyaan Dixit
             Founded Date                    2017
         Total Funding Amount                     NA 
               Investors                 Acquired

10. Foodmonk

Food Monk Breath Freshener Pellets 490 g Pack of 3: Buy Food Monk Breath Freshener Pellets 490 g Pack of 3 at Best Prices in India - Snapdeal

Foodmonk is a Kanpur beginning that provides the greatest restaurants and food companies in Kanpur with an easier approach to handling everything. Foodmonk is the only platform that offers a package of tools for enterprises to effortlessly track their analytics and give the greatest client experience possible, thanks to Foodmonk’s best features including e-menus and online payment options.

Abhishek is the company’s well-known founder, who continues to introduce new technologies and ideas regularly. He began his company with the idea of offering basic services.

Foodmonk is for well-known caterers, is a business management solution as well as an event marketplace. It’s a food-tech startup that oversees catering for all of Kanpur’s major events and provides end-to-end services for most of the city’s cafeterias. Foodies will appreciate their app and website, which allows them to quickly sample the city’s specialties.

The company acts as a facilitator in the process of ordering while considering their delivery to be handled by the team members of their restaurant. It was founded in 2015 and had a total funding amount of $3.49K with its long-term investors, 100X.VC.

This application is helping the billion-dollar catering industry acquire the best digital solutions in food ordering. It dealt with the business solutions industry and established this company in 2018.

Company Overview

               Legal Name   Foodmonk Delivery Pvt Ltd.
               Industries       Marketplace & Catering
                Founder(s)           Abhishek Chaudhary
             Founded Date                     2015
         Total Funding Amount                  Funding
               Investors                  100X.VC.

Apply on Startup Incubation and Innovation Center @ IIT Kanpur (Last Date: 23rd August 2021) - Food Agri News

In just a few years, the city of Kanpur has emerged a lot and provided a great level of advantages to the people. It has made a good level of growth and development and now after the introduction of the metro trains the city is not being counted the best after Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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