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I want to tell you the truth: the ugly truth about what’s real and what you have assumed to be real for you. This article may not make you feel good, but it will definitely make you feel real. Now, if you are a real entrepreneurial breed, you will suck this truth up your throat and come out positive; and this mindset shift will take you to the next step in your business and even personal life, guaranteed!

Just before I get started, one little disclaimer: This article applies to all without discrimination of any age, gender, community, place, or religion because the article deals with the mindset. So, let me blow the reality right in your face:

Now to begin with, just because your parents and relatives along with some strangers you met, who by the way never did any business with you, or invested any money in you told you “Wow! You are so talented and there is no doubt you will do well in the World” and wished you luck; please I request you..WAKE UP! Almost EVERY parent or concerned relative thinks that their kid is talented; if those strangers who gave you an ego boost really believed in you, they would have trusted you with their money and done some business with you, but they didn’t! What’s my point? The World is not going to fall to your knees because you are an honest and hardworking person who has never done anything wrong to anyone. Just because you have a good idea, or you want to help the world, you are not getting successful. For all those of you who are finally exhausted of mood swings and just feeling good sometimes, here is how you get successful:

1. You got to be up early! The trick is to sleep on time. No, you don’t sleep 4 hour a day, contrary to what you usually hear because those telling you that I slept only 4 hours a day for years and that’s how I made it are lying. They might have slept 4 hours for 50 days in those years, and they are so proud about it that they want to tell you how hard they worked. Even though they are successful, that is an absolutely wrong tip for you because the truth is that is not how they made it. You need 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily (I have found 7 hours to do the trick just right for me) because it fuels your mind and body with energy for the remaining 67% of the day which is HUGE! Why do I say get up early? Try doing your best work in the morning for 3 days and you will know why. You don’t press the engine accelerator to perform at maximum when your fuel tank is getting empty at night, but when you have just tanked yourself up with full gas! You don’t need a college education to understand this. Lesson#1: Sleep on time and get up early (sleep 6 to 8 hours daily and timely.)

2. Next, work your butt of not till when you are exhausted, but till you hit your targets: not yearly, or monthly, or weekly, but my entrepreneur friend daily! Here is a classic for you: an honest, genuine, intelligent, talented, and hard-working entrepreneur shows up to work, and makes 50 calls, and hopes things will happen for him. He looks at the clock at 7 PM and says I worked hard today, it will pay off one day, and shows up for some more months with the same mindset, until negativity due to lack of results. Then this honest, genuine, intelligent, talented, and hard-working man starts to doubt himself and his plans. Don’t forget the financial crunch that plays a huge part in getting negative. Soon you would find this man, who could have been a successful entrepreneur, sitting in an interview at Multinational finding excuse of why it didn’t exactly work for him, while the HR interviewing nods their head happily. You are exactly what they are looking for their company: an honest, genuine, intelligent, talented, and hard-working INSECURE person who will work for a salary and now give 10x the results for someone else; Why?.. just because they bought him for a price and will be on his case now demanding results; something he should have done for himself in the first place! Lesson #2: WORK YOUR BUTT OFF TILL YOU HIT YOUR TARGETS DAILY, NOT TILL YOU ARE EXHAUSTED because the World is not interested in just your hard work!!

3. Finally, to add some salt to my recipe if you haven’t got the kick yet, you got to work smarter. When I say smart, I mean REALLY smart! You got to value your each hour, because only then would it be all ‘WORTH IT’. Let’s say you have 7 productive hours in a day out of the 10 that you do work ( I am dedicating 3 hours of non-productive time to lunch, gossips, coffee, toilet, daydreaming, feeling depressed or de-motivated, and emptiness/going blank), you got to know where you are spending your energy in those 7 hours. For instance, you are worried about the travel cost to that meeting or are you focusing on how this meeting can turn into big bucks! Are you looking at your call list and cooking nonsense in your head, “Oh! He might be busy right now” or “she’s usually in meetings at this time, so I will call her later” and “How can I directly call the CEO!” Or are you just getting on the phone, and acing through speaking from your heart (your head will take care of logic, trust me: be you and speak from your heart always; that’s how you get your fans to invest in you and do business with you!) Each working hour should be spent working hard and smart; focused on output and not input. Lesson#3: Use each productive hour of yours as if it is going to be worth millions and not pennies.

What are you waiting for? WAKE UP!! AND GET TO WORK!!

Ashish Janiani

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