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What happened to Nirav Modi?

What happened to Nirav Modi?

Nirav Modi, a 49-year-old Indian diamond merchant, has been accused by the Punjab National Bank with fraud and money laundering involving more than $ 1.5 billion in proceeds (PNB). After being apprehended in the United States, he was sentenced to jail in a federal prison. For what seems to be political motives, India has been on the lookout for him for more than two years.

Nirav Modi

When Nirav Modi is coming back to India?

It’s possible that Nirav Modi has been deported from the United Kingdom and is currently back in India. In the United Kingdom, the first day of the test will be Thursday. After the evidence in the PNB crisis was made public, the government launched a detailed inquiry into the suspected withdrawal of Nirav Modi from India. According to court documents, he is presently being held in a detention facility in London. He attempted to avoid his surrender, but India had been requesting Britain’s surrender for more than two years at this point. 

After being detained at Wandsworth Prison in London, Nirav Modi is expected to appear in front of the Magistrates’ Court in Westminster, where he is now being held custody. The procedures against him in connection with his birth are not yet completed. Having been charged with a financial crime in India, he will now have to face a court of law to determine whether or not he can be held accountable for his acts. 

After reviewing the ruling of the British District Court, British Home Secretary Priti Patel will decide whether or not to approve or refuse the transfer of Nirav Modi. It should be highlighted that in this particular instance, the decision of the Magistrates Court to deport him from the United Kingdom to India has absolutely nothing to do with the situation. The decision of the British High Court against Nirav Modi and the Public Prosecutor’s Office might be challenged in court.

Nirav Modi was recently apprehended in the United Kingdom, where he had been hiding since fleeing India in 2018. He has been accused of fraud and money laundering, and he is being held in jail. In March of 2021, a warrant was issued for his arrest and extradition to the United States of America, where he now resides. Based on this information, he may have appeared in court through video links rather than in person.

It seems that every time he has sought to get bail in the United Kingdom, the lower or higher courts have refused to release him on bond. Nirav Modi has been ordered to surrender by the courts after it was decided that he constitutes a threat to national security. According to reports, Nirav Modi has been charged with fraud and money laundering in India. The Central Investigation Bureau and the executive office are actively examining Nirabumodi’s (ED) whereabouts in the nation. Three criminal investigations have been launched in connection with the Nirav Modi issue. By the Punjab National Bank (PNB), Nirav Modi has been charged with millions of dollars in fraud against the bank.

The PNB is said to have made many letters of understanding (LoU) accessible to him to conceal his debt without his consent. An official document describing the agreement to lend money is known as a Letter of Understanding (LoU). The CBI is investigating this case. The destruction or loss of evidence and the threatening and intimidation of witnesses are all the subject of continuing CBI investigations, which are now underway.

The victim’s suspect’s employees were reportedly under duress and compelled to decline the suspect’s request to help in the investigation. The investigation is still in its early stages. In addition to Diamonds R Us, Solar Exports, and Stellar Diamonds, several other firms held by Nirav Modi are suspected of being engaged in the investigation into the PNB scam. In addition to Diamonds, Nirav Modi owns and operates Solar Exports and Stellar Diamonds, both based in the United Kingdom.

According to reports, the indictment contains further instances of money laundering. He is said to have buried the PNB cash that had been unjustly seized. The incident is presently being investigated by the ED.

It’s a heated subject right now in the United Kingdom. The Public Prosecutors Office (PPO) represents India in the United Kingdom’s court system (CPS). Police and other law enforcement services in the United Kingdom are regulated by the Public Prosecutors Office (PPS), a government-run organisation (CPS). Clare Montgomery, a lawyer based in the United Kingdom, represents Nirav Modi.

According to the Formal Department, a legal challenge to India’s motion to surrender for breaking international human rights law has been submitted on Nirav Modi’s behalf, citing international human rights law violations. According to the central prosecutor, there was no breach of human rights on the side of the prosecutor in the case of Nirav Modi, who was sentenced to prison.

In accordance with one source, the Extradition Act 2003, which was enacted in 2003, sets down the “threshold” for extradition in the United Kingdom. It will not be returned to the sender. The exact threshold technique utilised in the other instances was used in Julian Assange’s case. According to the office, the Central Public Prosecutor’s Office has determined that Nirav Modi’s efforts to solicit cash for fraudulent reasons have not been established. According to the company, Nirav Modi’s Legal Department has also voiced worry over the treatment of Indian convicts in British jails.

As a consequence of this judgement, the defence team was presented with a video of the Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai, shown throughout the trial. Nirav Modi may be arrested and charged with a crime depending on the circumstances. In India, examples demonstrate that jails comply with human rights criteria.

According to a Central Public Prosecutor’s Office report, Nirav Modi’s attempts to amass riches for dishonest reasons have not been backed up by evidence. In addition, according to the company’s sources, Nirav Modi’s Legal Department has expressed concern over the treatment of Indian criminals in British prisons. Following this decision, the defence side was given a video of the Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai, shown throughout the trial. The film was exhibited throughout the trial. Nirav Modi may be detained and charged with a crime, depending on the situation’s specifics.

NIrav Modi


As we all know, our judiciary is tainted by political influence. It is possible that Nirav Modi paid bribes to members of the court to close a case in India, which is why no strict action has been taken against him to date. In India, everyone offers bribes to police officers, legislators, judges, and other respectable positions to close a case, and those who hold these positions also accept the bribes.


Article Proofread & Published by Gauri Malhotra.



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