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Adar Poonawalla will be provided with security if asked for

One of the most discussed persons during the COVID and the lockdown times is the CEO of Serum Institute of India, Adar Poonawalla. He is the only billionaire in the country who took up the responsibility of producing vaccines to stand with the government and help the country and its countrymen to fight a battle against the deadly coronavirus. Mr. Adar Poonawalla has been in constant news because he was accused of thinking about profits since he charged different prices for the vaccine from the state and the central government.

He then left the country saying that he and his family were feeling unsafe because of the constant threats and the pressure from the strong politicians and the most powerful people of the country. He left for London before the lockdown was started to getting imposed and said that he will be back soon. Later, his father Cyrus Poonawalla made a statement that Adar has not run away from the country, he has gone for a summer vacation. He said that Adar is on a routine summer break which he takes every year this time in order to spend some time with his family. He said that this is family stuff and he takes a break this time as he is working the whole year-round. 

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When Adar had left the country saying that he was under a lot of pressure and threats, a Mumbai-based lawyer Datta Mane had filed for an FIR and a petition at Bombay High Court asking for the Z plus security for Poonawalla and his family. He remarked that he was shocked to hear that the person who is doing so much for the nation, who has become like a savior for the country is feeling unsafe and is not comfortable living here.

To this petition, the Bombay High Court asked the Maharashtra government for a reply. The vacation bench of Justice SS Shinde and NR Borkar had said that Adar Poonawalla is doing a valuable job, he has already been granted “Y” category security and if found suitable by the state keeping in mind the high level of work he is doing, will be granted more security. 

The Maharashtra government on June 11, 2021, has told the Bombay High Court that if Adar requests more security, his request will be fulfilled and he will be granted more security. The public prosecutor Deepak Thakre told the bench of Justices that if Mr. Adar Poonawalla demanded protection, the state government would provide him with adequate security. The court further said that the plea for more security is being made for a person who might not be even aware of any such thing. The court said that this is a personal matter, and what if Adar Poonawalla is not afraid or does not want any more protection. The court made it clear that it cannot pass the orders behind the back of the people. 

Adar has been in constant controversies since he started producing the Oxford-approved Covishield vaccine. Every day or two we get a new update regarding Adar Poonawalla and the Serum Institute of India. Let us wait and watch what new unfolds in Adar Ponnawalla news and whether he will demand more security on return to India and when he will return to the country?

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