Learning At Home? – Try One Of These Five Best Learning Apps In Hindi

In today’s times, almost every parent and teacher is searching for suitable mobile apps to supplement education for their children via digital. And rightly so, since that is the most practical, easy and enjoyable way to continue education from homes. But the majority of learning apps and digital content available is in English medium and for a Hindi medium student, it is slightly difficult to find a suitable learning option.

A parent whose kids learn in hindi medium shared her concern with us, “(I have loosely translated into english) Sometimes it feels helpless to have nothing for our kids to do because everything digital is available in english language and when I searched for a hindi medium app, all I got was the apps for hindi language learning and not for our kids to learn Math, EVS, Science and Computers in Hindi which is the medium that they understand.”

After digging further. I found that this parent is not alone. As per a report by MHRD, only 17% children go to English medium schools whereas the largest number, 49% of all children are reported to go into Hindi medium schools. The remaining 34% study in other local languages.

We have this large percentage of our students studying in Hindi medium and still we do not have good comprehensive Hindi medium learning apps? How could this be possible?

With this thought, we started searching for an answer and explored and filtered the best apps which I can recommend to the parents whose children want to learn in Hindi language. We found these 5 best mobile apps for learning in Hindi. We have also mentioned reasons why you should use them. Feel free to understand your situation and read the “Why use the ….. App” section before installing to know the best app for your child’s learning needs.

1. E-Pathshala Learning App in Hindi: (Free)

E-Pathshala learning app is a joint initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development of India and NCERT. The app contains textbooks, audio, video, periodicals, and a variety of digital resources.


Features of e-Pathshala Hindi medium learning app:

The e-Pathshala learning app can be used by:

    • Students for their academic needs.
    • Teachers for teaching and tracking students progress.
    • By parents to keep themselves updated with their child’s progress.
  • Available in 3 languages viz. Hindi, English, Urdu.
  • Content available in text, audio and video formats.
  • Covers all subjects from class 1st to 12th.
  • Best for CBSE board, NCERT affiliated hindi medium schools.

Why use e-Pathshala Hindi medium app?

  • NCERT books are considered as the standard reference for any academic syllabus. The app contains all the books of hindi medium in digital format.
  • The app is easy to use and navigate for a learner of hindi medium.
  • You also get advanced features like pinch zoom, text select, bookmark, highlight, text to speech etc.
  • On the e-Pathshala app you can also make your own notes.

#2. iDream Learning App in Hindi: (Free)

iDream Learning App is a free educational app by iDream Education. The app contains interactive digital content in English Medium, Hindi Medium and other local languages for 1st to 12th covering all subjects.


Features of iDream Hindi medium learning app:

  • Available in Hindi, English and all regional languages in India based on their state boards.
  • Covers all subjects from class 1st to 12th, including Math, Science, EVS, Social Sciences, Commerce, Computers, English Grammar and Hindi Vyakaran. 
  • Aligned to NCERT and all major state boards with content available in text, audio and video formats.
  • You not only get academic content but also a large collection of books and life skill content both in video and text formats.
  • Best for students who want comprehensive digital education in hindi medium.

Why use iDream Hindi medium learning app?

  • Covers complete NCERT & State Board syllabus for all subjects 1st to 12th in Hindi
  • The app is easy to use and navigate for a learner of hindi medium.
  • You can also read your favourite comic books, poems and inspirational stories in Hindi
  • Unique feature: You get a good number of DIY project making videos and videos on life skills in hindi.

#3. NCERT books in Hindi by supercops

If you are solely dependent on NCERT or you want to explore NCERT content, books and notes in Hindi language on mobile, this NCERT hindi app by supercops is your best option.


Features of Supercop Hindi medium NCERT learning app:

  • NCERT books, questions, solutions, notes from class 1 to 12 in hindi.
  • No Login required.
  • Offline reading available.
  • Access to subject wise and chapter wise video lectures.
  • You can customize the background colour of your app.

Why use Supercop Hindi medium NCERT learning app?

  • If you want a no login app for your NCERT hindi learning.
  • Bullet point notes for each chapter from class 6th to 12th.

#4. Toppr Learning App in Hindi: (Freemium)

Toppr is a CBSE focused learning app which has widened their reach to state board and entrance exam aspirants. The app contains learning content in English Medium and Hindi Medium for class 5th to 12th covering all the major subjects. You also get some paid features.


Features of Toppr Hindi medium learning app:

Free features:

  • Available in Hindi and English languages for CBSE board students.
  • Covers from class 5th to 12th, all major subjects.
  • In the free account you get video lectures, stories and concepts tips and tricks.

Paid features:

  • All features in free account.
  • Mock tests based on board exam pattern and doubt clearance with the help of an expert.

Why use Toppr Hindi medium learning app

  • If you can purchase the paid plans because there are better free apps available than those available in Toppr’s free plan.
  • Along with the books if you also need an expert to solve your problems.
  • If you have started preparing for competitive exams early and want to take mock texts live from your mobile phone.

#5. myCBSE Guide Learning App in Hindi: (Paid)

myCBSEguide, as the name suggests, is a CBSE focused learning app. They recently started offering test patterns as per ICSE and few other boards in India covering from class 3rd to 12th. They have also started content for some popular competitive exams like IIT and NEET. Although their content is largely based on NCERT recommendations.


Features of myCBSEguide Hindi medium learning app:

  • CBSE based syllabus for classes 9 to 12 in hindi medium.
  • Play real-time quizzes and challenge your friends online.
  • You can also get some free and paid previous year exam papers with solutions for the board exam.
  • You get offline access to the downloaded content.

Why use myCBSEguide Hindi medium learning app

  • If you want decent learning content in Hindi at an affordable price.
  • If you are addicted to only collaborative games and want to switch over to educational quiz games.
  • If you face internet connectivity issues at your location and want to have access to offline paid content.


We have been involved with the school education sector for some time and connected with a lot of parents, teachers and students who study in hindi medium. Many of those teachers were skeptical about online learning earlier. Many parents raised concerns about giving their child a mobile app. But after the lockdown, all of these teachers and parents have been asking us if we could recommend some online educational tools and mobile apps in hindi medium to them, and therefore this article. They have realized the value of an in-home digital education supplement for their children.

Most parents and teachers are today seeing educational apps as a strong empowerment and also realizing that it needs some parental involvement and guidance to ensure best value from the apps. They are happy that they can monitor the usage and their child can discover ways to learn more things beyond just subjects.

In the end, we would like to share something we all know: students learn best in their mother tongue or local languages. We are sure that more learning apps will come in hindi medium and other local languages like gujarati, marathi, tamil, telugu, kannada and also the current apps will keep adding and enriching more digital content for our students.

I hope the above information helps you to choose and try the learning app in hindi best suited for your requirements. Do share your experiences and inputs on this with us at [email protected] 

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