Staying focused amid the rush of the digital world is tough. Download the Forest App!

Forest is a lifestyle app that aims at helping you remain focused on the more important things in life. The developers of the app, Seekertech, wanted to give people the time to focus on themselves through this app. In the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, we often forget to take a break. Digital media can be exhausting and addictive, with this app you are allowed to focus on the right things. It can be yourself, or a project you have put aside, and so much more.

This app works by allowing you to plant a seed in the forest. You can assign a timer and within the time, the tree will grow. The growth of the tree you planted is completely dependent on you, if you cannot resist the temptation of picking up your phone, the tree will wither and die. If you have successfully allowed the tree to grow, the sense of accomplishment is your reward in the end.

If you think you are addicted to your phone, this may be the best app to help you cure the temptation. The mindless hours of scrolling damage our mental capacity in the long run. As an alternative, replenish your mind by letting your tree grow. You can do this virtually and in real life. The encouraging factor is simply the sense of achievement at the end of your task.


  • Helps you with phone addiction
  • The best cure for procrastination
  • It helps you become more focused and productive
  • Your achievements will be made into your own cute little forest.
  • The Pro Version of the App allows you to plant real trees. The app is tied with the Trees for the Future organization, and they aim at protecting the environment.
  • You can also plant trees with your family and friends.
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How to download and install the app on a PC?

  1. You can download the app on Windows 10 by visiting the Chrome Web store through the Google app on your phone. Make sure you are signed in and click the add to the desktop icon displayed on the screen. After downloading the app, click the install button and you are good to go. The app can also be integrated with Cortana, your PC’s virtual assistant. The app can also be integrated with the lock-screen notification support. It helps track your activity with the PC.
  2. This application is available on all iOS devices and can be accessed with a one-time purchase. If you are looking to download the non-iOS version, you may have to make a separate purchase. Once you have logged onto the platform, you can synchronize it with all your devices.
  3. Use an Ubuntu-based software, for example, Gbebi installer. You can download, install, and run the application through this software.

The forest app has been highly recommended by many who have weaned off their dependency on technology. The app has a 4.6 rating on the Google Play store. It was also awarded for being the 2018 Google Play Editors’ Choice Top Productivity App.

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