The future of technology in 2022 – a blessing or a curse?

The future of technology in 2022 – a blessing and a curse

Our lives are increasingly reliant on technology. A once luxurious product has become a necessity. This is true for me as well. Computers and televisions used to be regarded as luxuries, and today, these things are considered necessities. Millennials today demand everything from personal TVs, laptops, and computers.

Technology, in my opinion, has greatly improved living standards. Now, it is considered a status symbol to own the latest devices. The postal service was present in the past. For example, if we wanted to inform someone of something, we would write them a letter or send a telegram.

Compared to the older systems, this is much faster; e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, etc., have replaced them. With the advancement of technology, many people’s lives have been improved, whether they are students, teachers, doctors, homemakers, or business people.

Technology’s most significant advantage is the Internet, and the Internet makes it possible for us to search for and order anything we want from the comfort of our homes. In conclusion, I will say that, though technology is providing us with many things, we should make sure that we are utilizing them properly.

The technological landscape has been changed on a massive scale in a short period, and AI has demonstrated impressive progress. The science fiction genre is an excellent source to understand how artificial intelligence can change our world. A small sample of what’s to come provides a hint of how it will get better over the next few decades.

People’s jobs are at risk!

Our lives are improved and made more accessible by technology. Everything indeed has a downside. The AI field is bound to grow, but its effects will be negative and positive. Although I believe that Artificial Intelligence will improve the quality of life with all the advanced gadgets, what about humans? Are we in for a hard time? Are there going to be jobs lost to robots? What about their future? Will technology replace the human touch, or will technology take over everything?

It is essential to be wary of some aspects.

In recent months, I was overwhelmed and concerned when visiting Hong Kong, a technologically advanced country. In my experience, science and technology are integrated into everyday life. In the new economy, fewer humans were employed, more machines and robots were available, and science and artificial intelligence were utilized more frequently.

Throughout the entire meeting, the heads of each individual were bowed constantly while they held devices in hand. It’s all right there at our fingertips. Learning a foreign language is no longer a problem if we have Google Translate and other applications. Autonomous vehicles, trains, and automobiles are now commonplace, and the technology that is rapidly taking over the world is already evident.

As I stated earlier, I am confident that Artificial Intelligence will not replace humans or overtake their role in society. Using it for security and defence aims within and between countries can benefit current operations.

While comparing the last ten years with past ones, they have been productive and a game-changer for the earth. Social media has also helped businesses increase and promote themselves, positively affecting profits. People used to be oblivious to new aspects of life before, and technology lets us discover new elements of life.

Technology – Boon or Bane

Is the Rise of the Machines – A Curse or a blessing?

In technology, scientific knowledge is applied to solve problems. Through technology, goods and services become more valuable. Through technology, value is created. There is both material and nonmaterial technology. Technology is an instrument, tool, machine, or device that benefits human life somehow.

Knowledge is also applied through capability and skill. Every day, we are surrounded by numerous valuable tools thanks to technology. Smartphones, tablets, and computers allow us to do virtually anything. The possibilities for the technology are endless, be it checking the time of a movie, ordering pizza, or paying your bills.

It doesn’t stop there because they are constantly being improved to make life easier. We now live in a technological world instead of one where technology once lived within our world. Approximately eleven consumer-electronic devices are owned by households with kids ages four to 14.

Various side effects of technology can be observed around us concerning the food industry, consumerism, industrialization, business, comfort, utilization of resources, travel, communication, education, healthcare, architecture, design, arts, and culture. Keeping in touch with others is made easier with social media. Access to information is improved, knowledge is broadened, fun learning and transferable skills are developed.

The negative impact of technological advancement has been increased pollution, depletion of resources, stress, social alienation, health issues, psychiatric disorders, materialism, excess dependence, wastage of time, unhealthy lifestyles, disconnected youth, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and cybercrime. It causes people to ‘dumb down’ and is a significant distraction for all ages.  

A child’s relationship with technology:

The Harmful Effects of Too Much Screen Time for Kids

The media has discussed extensively whether today’s kids have too much access to technology. Our children must have access to appropriate technology to benefit fully from the potential of digital learning.

Children will find it more enjoyable, cater to their unique learning styles, create exciting presentations, improve their reading skills, comprehension, problem-solving, critical thinking, memorizing and collecting data, and be motivated to receive rewards for finishing the tasks.

Today, we can say that keeping children entirely away from technology is futile, and some may even say unfair. We need to redefine what “screen time” is. We need to keep in mind that as far as we know, the majority of electronic gadgets emit electromagnetic fields, and children’s skulls are still developing.

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Children should be cautious when using electronics, and you should have a lot of “active” toys compared to “passive” ones. Technology may play an important role in kids’ development as long as adults explain how to use it properly, and there are always boundaries.

Your child may be able to benefit from limited exposure to educational television, but a household where the TV is on all day won’t. Whenever possible, interactive entertainment is better from a developmental perspective. You should observe them watching TV and using your gadgets with them.

Avoid letting them use them for long periods. Talk with them about what they discover on the Internet. We should enable them to discern what they see and hear and form their judgments and opinions based on what they perceive and hear. Remove, e.g., Internet, instant messaging, and other features children don’t need.

Children should be supervised when using the Internet since it contains countless dangers. You don’t want your child to stumble upon these dark alleys. Be sure to spend time with your friends and family without a digital device.

According to the proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”. While there haven’t been technological advancements like these in the past, we are living in the scientific age now. We have been blessed with enormous technologies in different fields due to technological advances in this era.

It is the practical application of science that results in technology. An idea or knowledge that we discover after observing is known as science—an invention that results from this idea combined with creativity.

Life should not be dominated by technology.

Our lives have been made more comfortable by technology. Electronic devices influence almost every aspect of our lives. Education, agriculture, defence, and industrial sectors have all benefited. Developing computers has been a miracle for humanity. Therefore, the advent of technology can be seen as beneficial to humans.

Keeping in mind that technology should not dominate our lives is the most important thing. Becoming slaves to technology will ruin our lives completely. Technology must therefore be used only when it is necessary. Advancing technology led to the development of Artificial Intelligence. As it develops, humans will become increasingly insignificant.

Technology – It is a blessing with worries

Boys' and Girls' Brains Impact the Technology They Choose - Parentology

It is a technology that has made humankind the most advanced. Technology has dramatically streamlined doing any task by developing efficient tools and machinery. Unfortunately, this blessing comes with anxieties as well. Technology can also negatively impact if not properly utilized. When technology is used excessively, the environment degrades, which is not good. Technology can also be destructive when used negatively.

The term technology has a wide range of meanings. There are too many words to explain what it means. For many years, it has provided us with convenience in life. Modern technologies continually replace older ones, thereby replacing us with new ones. Today, the world is technologically advanced. Technology has become an integral part of everyone’s daily lives, which has reduced the complexity of everyday life. Imagining life without these tools would be nearly impossible.

Science is applied in technology. The worlds of technology and science are not the same, but both are interconnected. As a result, technology develops a device or machinery that results from an idea or creativity being turned into practice. In addition to reducing work complexity, these devices or machinery assist in making it more straightforward. Several advances in technology have been made in different fields such as manufacturing, medical, agriculture, and education. The advancements in these fields are essential for our survival.

Technology and Education – How Does it Help?

The way we teach and learn has been completely transformed by technology. Smartboards and intelligent classes have been introduced in blackboards, chalk, and dusters. This has revolutionized the way we live. Computers, such as laptops, tablets, notebooks, smartphones, and more, are available in different models today.

Video and image resources related to various topics can now be shown to students and classroom instruction. In this way, students are better able to understand the issues. In this day and age, teachers can communicate with parents easily to be kept informed about their children’s performance.

Particularly in professional courses, students are expected to bring laptops to college. Instead of carrying a pile of notebooks, it is easier to maintain a computer. University students For online exams, students usually take laptop computers. Exams conducted online have replaced earlier paper-and-pencil-based ones. As a result, it can be said that all things are possible thanks to the developments in technology. Emerging technologies would not make anything easier.

Positive aspects of technology

Our living standards have been completely transformed by technology. We can see slowly and gradually that everything changed during human evolution. Here are the positive aspects of technologies:

  • Our lives have become more relaxed and comfortable due to technological advancements. The tasks we perform have become more accessible, and we don’t spend as much energy on them. The refrigerator, fans, washing machine, gas stove, air conditioner, etc., can’t exist without us. Furthermore, all of the technologies we use in our everyday lives are based on technology.
  • It saves time and effort – In previous offices, there were no computers, accounts were maintained, and calculations were performed manually. These manual processes were time-consuming and exhausting. Technology has made these processes much more accessible. Nowadays, almost all offices have computers, and they can store a great deal of information and data. It is straightforward to calculate with them. Indeed, technology has made people’s lives easier.
  • Medicine has gained a new lease on life – Technology has given medical science a new lease on life. As there were no diagnostic devices or cures for serious diseases, deaths caused by diseases were higher. Several devices have been developed that allow easy diagnosis of this condition. Technology and science have made this possible. The cures for various incurable conditions are now available as well. Experiments and research are still being conducted to discover a treatment for fatal diseases.
  • Online payment platforms like Paytm, BHIM UPI, Google Pay, etc., enable cashless transactions. This allows us to make cashless payments wherever we are. Thanks to modern technology, we can do this. Cash needs to be managed carefully since it can be stolen. As a result, technologies have emerged that encourage cashless transactions.
  • We have access to the entire world through enhanced communication. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to communicate with people everywhere. We are all connected through technology, so distance no longer matters. We can conduct business more efficiently. Video conferencing is one of the easiest ways to conduct business. With such technological advancements, trading between nations has become more accessible.
  • A Technology-based approach makes learning more accessible by providing access to all of the world’s information and updates with just a click. It makes learning possible for students in remote areas who cannot get to schools because of the online learning mode.
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Technological Negatives

Help Your Kids Have a Healthy Relationship With Technology | Time

  • As a result of the advancement of technology, pollution on the earth is also increasing. Inventions like transportation, air conditioning, and thermal power plants release harmful gases into the atmosphere in addition to causing air pollution. The constant use of electronic devices generates electronic waste. As with all emerging technologies, there are some disadvantages.
  • Computer access to social media via social networks can be a great way to connect with people worldwide and learn more about them. It is also possible for the information to be leaked and misused when using computers. It is pretty standard for the knowledge of our accounts to be hacked, and we have to deal with the slight loss. In other words, while the technology is excellent, hackers, identity thieves, stockings, cybercrimes, etc., pose severe threats to our privacy and security as well.
  • The students benefit from getting all the information they need with a single click as their capabilities are reduced. The students no longer need to search for information, and their imagination has been reduced. Because this approach reduces students’ analyzing and memorizing skills, it is ineffective.
  • Technological advances allow us to produce several deadly weapons, biological weapons, and explosives. These technologies are being used to destroy the world by some clever minds.

What are the pros and cons of technology?

The greatest blessing humankind has ever received is technology. Technological developments have allowed us to reach great heights in various fields. In the area of defence, we enjoy enormous capabilities today. Despite many achievements in space technology, we have not yet reached the moon.

Often, excessive use of any substance is said to be poisonous. Likewise, technology can be deadly. Access to the Internet is a great advantage, but our service depends on utilizing it. If used properly, technology will never be a nuisance, but it can become a nuisance if used excessively or negatively.

Science and technology: a boon and a curse

Humanity has benefited dramatically from science and technology. We have been able to live more comfortably because of them. We have been very successful because of them. Our late President stated, but with a caveat, “Science is a wonderful gift to humanity; it ought not to be distorted.”

The caveat not to distort science outlined by the noted scientist has been far and away forgotten by people worldwide as they have been too busy reaping its benefits. Scientist Albert Einstein expressed his perspective on this issue by saying, “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything, except our modes of thinking. Thus, we are heading for an unprecedented catastrophe.”

Einstein revolutionized science by formulating ‘E=mc2’ (E being energy, m being mass, and c being the speed of light) as one of the earliest equations linking group with energy. Scientists later created the dreadful atomic and hydrogen bombs from this equation, which has blessed us with nuclear power. If used positively, science and technology can enhance our development, but they can eradicate our lives if misused.

The most common instrument created by technology is the mobile phone. Its usefulness cannot be disputed. The new messaging method offered by WhatsApp has been added to it. Facebook’s WhatsApp platform has become the largest social media platform relatively quickly.

The country with the most subscribers to WhatsApp is India. This popularity can be attributed to WhatsApp’s popularity among users. Subscription habits have changed due to WhatsApp. Despite this, mobile phones and WhatsApp also come with a negative side. The consequences of using these devices cannot be ignored, as they negatively impact our social, mental, and physical well-being. Having an Apple or Blackberry instead of a smartphone was more straightforward when they were just fruits.

Engaging with Technology - GlobalFocus

Misfits in society?

In the past, social interaction was mainly based on meeting in person. New technologies have made people feel isolated. Physical communication has been replaced by messaging on WhatsApp. In the process, new age people have developed a lack of social skills that negatively affect their ability to succeed in social situations. The lack of movement affects people’s physical health due to physical activity.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are rising because of obesity and lifestyle diseases. People become lazier as smartphones and WhatsApp become more popular. As a result, people’s mental health and sleep are compromised due to mobile phone addiction. In addition, these social media companies are aware of your friends, your movements, and your personality types because of the new technology.

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Occasionally, subscribers’ data is used for political purposes, as well as for commercial advertising. Seeing small children addicted to it is sad, affecting their concentration and development. Various anti-social activities have been reported due to the use of WhatsApp on social media platforms in recent years. Many lynchings have occurred in association with these rumours on WhatsApp. As helpful as the new technology is, these disadvantages cannot be ignored.

Nip the negative

Societies have significantly benefited from industries. Indu and industrialists have helped us develop. To reap the full benefits of sectors, some negatives need to be addressed. A significant concern is increased pollution as a result of industrial processes. Pollution control processes can be implemented simultaneously at the manufacturing facilities to minimize this problem.

People’s health is directly affected by pollution, as several diseases are caused. Climate change can result from an extensive breakdown on a large scale. Climate change has caused droughts and floods to occur in previously unaffected areas, and the primary trigger for this is pollution. A developed world has been created by industrialization, but it also poses additional problems. To avoid a crisis, the problem must be nipped in the bud.

Lost skills

People need jobs for their livelihood. The use of scientific innovation and technology has led to new employment possibilities. These innovations and technologies provide essential benefits to people. Meanwhile, individuals lost sight of their creativity when creating livelihoods for themselves.

The recent industrialization activities became their primary source of income. Before independence, Indian artisans were world-renowned. Hand-operated equipment was used to create the highest quality textiles, such as Dhaka muslin. We knitted carpets of the highest quality. High-classier artisans made high-class handicrafts. Based on their skills, individuals were self-employed very profitably.

The British killed our self-made economic initiatives by installing industrial houses, and now our people rely on them to earn a living. The activities of artisans created through self-creation should have survived along with the technologies. We could create more employment opportunities and earn a living this way.

Additionally, robotics and artificial intelligence continue to replace labour-intensive industries due to the latest technology, reducing employment. As the labour force becomes more dependent on industries, increased frustration and unemployment will be increased. New technologies may have positive objectives, but some may cause people harm.

The Gadget Wedge

Top 10 Views on Technology - Rockbridge

Scientists and engineers deserve all the credit for the development of modern society. There are devices for every purpose. We can travel faster and more comfortably with motorcars and aeroplanes. Today we may even send space missions to the sun and other planets in our solar system.

In any case, people are less happy than they used to be. These tough economic times failed to dampen science and technology’s victorious march. In recent years, some psychological problems and even suicides have increased. In addition, many other factors may contribute to this unfortunate happening.

Still, we cannot deny that we have farmed away from nature, which may be one of the many reasons for our dissatisfaction. Although we are to blame for this, scientific gadgets have also contributed to our disconnect from nature. We have unintentionally been harmed by technology as its purpose was to comfort us. If we had not lost sight of our heart in the process of gaining science’s benefits, and in the process, adopted a lousy lifestyle, then this could have been prevented.

We are today on the cutting edge of scientific frontiers; for this, we must be appreciated, but we must also acknowledge that our stupidity has been eroding the good things of science. Einstein once said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former.”

Scientists have explored space, but space is at the same time becoming a battleground for deadly missiles. It is pretty accurate that science is full of good things, but they are also accompanied by evils, which are also the inventions of science. To our advantage, we created intelligent cyberspace. We have access to the world’s entire knowledge thanks to internet connectivity.

Still, at the same time, we are seeing an emergence of cyber-crime resulting from a scientific mind and technological inputs. There was a cybercrime attack on a bank in Pune recently when cloned debit cards operated from various countries were used to steal R.96 crore from the bank. Despite our happy experience with computers and our software network, we have had our data stolen by hacking, which is technically challenging.

Technology and science are good things; there is nothing wrong with them. Humans created them, and it is ourselves that is at fault. With scientific knowledge, people can benefit. However, the same expertise is being used for bad intentions, which leads to adverse outcomes for society. As far as science is concerned, there is no good or bad, and it is all due to the human mind’s good and impaired thinking.


Even though the technology is easily spelt, it has a highly complex explanation. As a result of its application, we have moved from nomadic people to civilized people today. Artificial intelligence will soon become so advanced that human beings will become mere slaves to technology. The use of technology depends on us.


Article Proofread & Published by Gauri Malhotra.

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