350 Companies Allowed to Work In Gurugram Under Strict Restrictions

Gurugram district administration of Haryana has decided to allow 350 companies in the district to start their operations with some conditions amidst lockdown. The decision was taken at a meeting of the District Disaster Management Committee, chaired by District Deputy Commissioner Amit Khatri. Earlier, the district administration allowed about 35 companies, including Maruti Suzuki India Limited, to start operations.

The committee has prepared a roadmap to allow more industries and business units to start working under the guidelines of the state government. The committee has also decided to bring a lot of changes in the process of increasing the number of labourers in Gurugram and allowing industries.

11,000 travel passes approved

It is noteworthy that Haryana Government has approved 11,000 travel passes for Gurugram during lockdown. In view of this, the nodal officer of Gurugram and the state’s additional chief secretary is giving permission process to entrepreneurs and businessmen.  This permission will be granted on the basics of an online form submitted to these people in authority. As many as 35 industrial companies, including Maruti, who have been allowed to start work. A total of 4500 travel passes have been issued.

Travel permit will be issued on the basis of conditions  

As per the news agency talks, all the remaining 6500 travel permits will be issued based on the conditions set during today’s meeting. He says that the number of permits issued by the government will be fully utilized, after which the decision will be taken by the government and the further process will be determined. He said that during the last 24 hours a large number of companies have applied online to resume their work. By Wednesday evening the number was around 350, while by Friday evening the number of companies / institutions applying online for permission to work is expected to reach 1200.

These are the conditions for starting work

According to V.S. Kundu, the state’s additional chief secretary, almost all industries based in IMT Manesar will be allowed to work provided they declare to follow the lockdown guidelines issued by the central government and the state government. He repeatedly stressed on the fact that health is the priority. Any company, if found to breech the guidelines will be immediately exempted from working. Companies should make arrangements to accommodate workers in their vicinity or on the premises itself. During this time, if the need is felt, the applicant companies can also be asked to conduct physical inspection as per rules.

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