India Will Have An Essential Role For The Production Of The COVID-19 Vaccine.

The deadly virus has infected more than 5 million people and has resulted in thousands of deaths. It has disrupted everyone’s life in ways we couldn’t ever imagine. People have stopped going to their workplaces and are fearing to go out because of the virus. Daily activities have come to a standstill and life is not about living anymore. It is about survival.

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Researchers all across the globe are using all of their resources to find out one vaccine for the virus which has been very deadly for the world. French ambassador has said that India will have a very important role to play in the mass production of the medicines and the vaccine for the virus. It is a sensually important for all the countries to coordinate if the vaccine needs to be distributed equally all across the globe.

India has been the biggest producer of HCQ and has exported it to various nations during these tough times. Our country has been a leading manufacturer of vaccines and genetic drugs for various years.

All the nations across the world have come to terms that they need to ensure equitable access to any vaccine or medicine for the treatment of coronavirus infection through mass production under voluntary patenting. There was a two-day conference of the world health organization we are various countries condemned that the vaccine must be available to all the nations and not just the rich ones.

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India and France have supported this resolution for equitable access to all necessary products. Till date India has supplied 446 million HCQ tablets and 1.54 billion paracetamol tablets to more than 130 countries. India has become the pharmacy of the world. During times like now countries cannot act in an isolated manner.

No matter what is the state in our country, our country has always given a helping hand to other nations. This has resulted in good publicity for our nation.

After WHO’s conference, various world leaders came together and said that post the crisis there will be a timely investigation of the origin of the coronavirus and the responsible party will have to face consequences.

Diplomats from the USA have also said that they got the vaccine will be distributed equally among all the nations. They also hope that a collective way to produce this vaccine at high-volume will be introduced. The French Prime Minister has said that equal access to all is not negotiable and the vaccine will be a public good for the world.

More than 90 vaccines are being developed all across the world and about eight of them are in the clinical trial phase. Experts all over the world have said that this process could take years. No vaccine has been invented for HIV which came in 1980s or for the SARS that came in 2002. The world moved on and these diseases eventually we conduct but they have not disappeared from the world. President Donald Trump said that there would be a vaccine by the end of this year.

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And they are already thinking of ways to channelize the distribution of the vaccine. However, there is no company in this world that can produce enough vaccines. There needs to be a proper strategy and a plan that needs to be introduced and put well into action.

Our country which was looked down upon by everyone in the world is now supplying drugs to almost every nation in this world. It’s true that research and development in this sector has been very beneficial for the country. Look what has the time come to that the country who was exploited by the British at one time is now helping them so that they are people don’t die.

World leaders are backing up on India regarding the manufacturing of the vaccine and the drugs because there is no other nation like India which has a large number of manufacturers of drugs. While the developed countries are digging their own graves, India is making a name for itself.

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