Top 10 Promising & Scalable Startups In Ranchi

Top 10 Promising & Scalable Startups In Ranchi

Startups: Young entrepreneurs in Jharkhand are starting companies ranging from milk distribution to clean energy. The state of Jharkhand, one of India’s newest states, is home to a vast variety of minerals and forests. This Land of Forests, also known as the Land of Startups, is now producing a new crop of startups. This article details how these entrepreneurs are bridging tradition and modern technology to provide solutions globally designed but uniquely Indian.

India is being hit hard by the entrepreneurial wave. Cities have become attractive business environments for top-notch brands, startups, and small and medium-scale companies alike. Several government initiatives are being proposed to drive the rest of the country in response to this growth. The government has been paying recent years extensive attention to Jharkhand. Jharkhand is ranked seventeenth out of nearly 20000 startups recognized by the Government of India’s Startup India initiative, from which 158+ startups are from the state.

1. CreativeBit

CreativeBit Services Pvt. Ltd. started as a consulting company dedicated to IT and expanded its service offerings to advertising, design, and social media. 

Our company provides businesses with branding and creative technology services that help them grow in the digital era. More than 400 Institutions and 50 overseas clients have collaborated with the firm to promote design through its IT and advertising services throughout its history.

Business owners who want to grow in the digital era can turn to the company for branding and tech solutions and dare to start their business in such a place where no recognizable IT company ever existed. Over 400 institutions and 50 overseas clients have utilized the firm’s IT and advertising services since its founding in 1996.

Parmanand Kashyap and Siddhant Kumar – who were both from Ranchi, a small town in western India – had no prior IT industry experience but dared to start their business in a place with no existing IT companies. It’s more important for CreativeBit to be more profitable and to look after the profits of their clients’ businesses instead of focusing on funding. It provides startup companies and organizations with the tools they need to thrive in the era of digital media.

After more than eight years of operation, the company has evolved and now provides branding and marketing services to government institutions, colleges, startups, and various departments. Presenting a balanced team of left and right-brain individuals is the main goal behind the name CreativeBit, which became the company name.

The same year, Sushmita Kumari took over as Creative Lead from the NIFT, Mumbai, and Dayanand Kashyap was appointed MD to strengthen operations. These features resulted in more creativity and design work for CreativeBit. Since then, CreativeBit has grown as a Creative Agency.

With time, CreativeBit has grown into a 20-person team consisting of designers, coders, and experts in social media. Branding, web development, app development, graphic design, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence make up most of our business. Moreover, the firm helps startups, organizations, and businesses get on the right foot in this new digital media world to reach their target audiences.

According to Siddhant Kumar, Co-Founder of CreativeBit, “The Creative Bit way is to understand the gap between businesses and use technology to help them.

Furthermore, we also pay close attention to how digital media and designs can aid in their growth. By reducing advertising costs, CreativeBit helps to grow businesses. We also believe in learning the hard way as an advertising agency that never promotes its brand and always works to build brands, design campaigns, and develops products and services that benefit our clients.”

Regarding social responsibility in digital marketing, parmanand kashyap, founding partner at Creative Bit, states that every brand has a unique story to tell and a unique owner. Understanding the philosophy behind a brand is vital for any business owner. Sometimes, we must educate the owners about what’s right for the brand and what’s not. Whenever we design a technical solution or a creative campaign, we need to jointly take a creative, effective, positive, and feasible approach. Facebook does not have rules that apply to it. It is all about creating interesting and engaging content. In today’s world, we should create content that audiences enjoy.”

A company must keep evolving with the “key to learning.” CreativeBit celebrates more than 8 years of creativity through learning and does not impose predefined workflows on its creative and technical brains. This methodology has allowed CreativeBit to grow into an agency with endless enthusiasm, new ideas, and connections. 

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Legal Name CreativeBit Services Pvt. Ltd.
Industries IT Services
Founder(s) Siddhant Kumar
Founded Date January 2013
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

2. SafEarth 

SafEarth Clean Technologies, a Ranchi-based startup founded by Harshit Poddar and Anuvrat Saboo, makes transitioning from traditional fossil fuels as simple as buying a phone online. 

A SaaS platform, SafEarth, was launched in 2017 to connect solar power users with component manufacturers, financiers, and renewable energy project developers. Furthermore, the program offers consumers minimally priced solar plants and the tools they need to manage them.

Consumers are not well-versed in renewable energy technologies, so they cannot purchase them. The decision to buy the home is one that one will only make once and deal with the consequences for 25 years afterward. “SafEarth has now solved the problem that has caused even the most enthusiastic buyers to put off the purchase,” he says.

While numerous firms offer similar services, SafEarth claims to be the first clean energy platform that brings together all aspects of a project’s lifespan on a single platform.

Since its founding, the company has provided permanent, well-paying jobs to maintain solar installations in distant parts of India.

SafEarth employs 20 people in Ranchi, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Jaipur. “Today, our platform has facilitated over Rs 100 crore in India’s net investment in renewable energy projects.” “Some of the country’s largest corporations, including Graphite India, Golcha Associated, Toyota, and the CK Birla Group, use the platform,” Anuvrat adds.

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Legal Name SafEarth 
Industries Sustainable future with green energy
Founder(s) Harshit Poddar
Founded Date 01/01/2017
Total Funding Amount $32.8B Total Funding Amount
Investors 3,317 Number of Investors

3. Dreams Motorsports

Our company aims to be your single-stop shop for Riding, StreetBike Freestyle (Stunt Riding), Adventure Sports, and Tourism. Ride for Records is the company that invented the concept, combining passion and name in history. Stunt riding is being developed at various levels through the organization of competitions in India and worldwide.

It is also offering other extreme adventure sports like paragliding and skydiving. It is currently bringing some the sports to India, such as Wing Walking and Wing Suit Flying.

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Legal Name Dreams Motorsports
Industries Sports activities
Founder(s) Mr. Sourabh Kumar and Anam Hashim
Founded Date 1983
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

4. Digital Minds 

Entrepreneur Utkarsh Ayush started Digital Minds in Jharkhand to work with clients in the political realm, particularly with local politicians and leaders. Besides helping them create portfolios, our business also helps create digital platforms, implement standard operating protocols, analyze geographical data (Vidhan Sabha, Lok Sabha), manage reputations, provide technical training, and provide technical support.

Utkarsh states that the initiative aims to help people and political leaders at the grassroots participation in the next-generation digital transformation ecosystem, beginning with Jharkhand.

Former IIM alumni Utkarsh Ayush founded Digital Minds Media Services in 2019, working with four MPs, eight state legislators, and one public figure in Jharkhand.

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Legal Name Digital Minds
Industries Digital marketing
Founder(s) Utkarsh Ayush
Founded Date 2019
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

5. Mulberry Lifestyle

Mandarin collar jackets are Mulberry Lifestyle’s most popular products. As part of his tenure as Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was often spotted wearing these jackets. They are also called Bandis in the Indian subcontinent.

Mulberry Lifestyle manufactures jackets that carry the mark of creativity of high calibre. The jackets come in over 30 different hues. that range from earthy pastels to richer hues and are made out of natural fabrics like silk and linen and more vibrant fabrics such as velvet.

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Legal Name Mulberry Lifestyle
Industries Online retail world
Founder(s) Arti Poddar
Founded Date 2014
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

6. Custkart 

Kundan Mishra’s story is another amazing example of a Jharkhand youth who decided to create jobs in his native state and pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

In June 2020, Kundan teamed up with his brother, Abhishek Mishra, to launch CustKart, a merchandising firm. The firm, which sells t-shirts, caps, and hoodies to corporates and institutes, especially those in small towns, has reached Rs 50 lakh and aspires to become India’s “standard” clothing store.

Custkart, situated in Bokaro, has completed orders for over 25 engineering and medical universities around India and a few corporate enterprises. “We now have consumers from as far away as Nagaland,” Kundan says.

Asked why he chose Bokaro as his base, Kundan says he always wanted to work in his hometown and village as much as possible and therefore never had to leave his family to look for work elsewhere.

Custkart currently focuses solely on the B2B business, claiming to have built a strong network of corporations and educational institutions, particularly in small towns.

This year, the company intends to penetrate the B2C market, expanding its fabric offerings to include Supima, bamboo, and lotus materials. According to Kundan, the company started with no money and is still funded entirely by its operations. However, the bootstrapped firm is now seeking outside capital to expand, scale, market, and boost its production capacity from 500 to 2,000 units per day and create additional jobs in and around Bokaro.

Kundan says he chose Bokaro as the basis because he’s always wanted to work in his hometown and village, creating jobs for locals, so they don’t have to abandon their families to find work elsewhere. Professor Tej, Kundan’s mentor, has assisted him in understanding how he may generate employment and money at the village level.

“There are a lot of individuals who would do it for the bigger cities in India,” he says, “but there are very few who do it in the village, so I figured out that this was a chance in disguise.”
According to Kundan, Custkart has a factory near Bokaro that manufactures goods, and all of the workers are from the surrounding villages.
Having a business in ‘Bharat,’ he claims he saves money by not creating a large office, but not at the expense of services and delivery handled by a 10-person startup team. Kundan also claims that beginning a business in a rural or a small town is not difficult because the location no longer matters.

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Industries Clothing
Founder(s) Kundan and Abhishek Mishra
Founded Date Jun 10th 2020
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

7. Cogitus

When we think of education is our school. We used to spend 6-7 hours each day in school at the beginning of our lives. However, schools are much more than just a place for studies; they serve as modules that shape the child’s development. If Harry Potter didn’t attend Hogwarts, what would he be like? In co-founding Cogitus, a higher-order thinking after-school program, childhood friends Ruchi Jhawar, and Anju Modi provides kids with an innovative, experimental and creative approach to education.

A Latin word meaning ‘to think,’ Cogitus was founded in 2017. At centers across the country, they help students develop their creative abilities and higher-order thinking skills. Indian schools emphasize the study of theorems, not practical skills that help a child grow. The children believe rote memorization is important.

With the startup, children would have a better chance to learn through creativity and innovation. Ranchi is the headquarters of the startup. Bengaluru, Indore, Pune, Patna, and Surat are other centers. A marketing center is also located in Dubai.

In the rapidly changing environment of the 21st century, kids must develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Despite this, traditional education does not focus on teaching these essential skills. Children between the ages of 4 through 14 are encouraged to engage in higher-order thinking through the Cogitus after-school program. Rather than prescribing and testing, their modules encourage reasoning, innovative thinking, and problem-solving.

Back at Daly College in Indore, Ruchi and Anju were students together and later graduated from Leicester Business School in the United Kingdom. Each of them has had a keen interest in education and talked about it sometimes in conversation, pondering possibilities for bridges to be built in the education system.

Their passion for education was furthered when they started their after-school programs in different cities after getting married. They grew increasingly dissatisfied with the education system as they raised their children. Due to this realization, the duo put together a program that gives children a fresh perspective and empowers them to think outside the box.

Our co-founders say that the Indian education system still does not encourage reflective thinking. Instead, children are supposed to accept whatever is presented to them without questioning it or thinking it through, even though everyone around the world is talking about developing 21st-century skills.

The startup encourages children to think, analyze, reason, solve problems, and innovate, based on the co-founders’ belief that the basic skills of mathematics, reading, and writing are no longer enough.

Cogitus is a school for children. Children at Cogitus are taught using an annual program developed by a global team of experts in various fields, which consists of four core modules:

Cogitus Mathologic uses engaging games, spatial puzzles, placement mats, abstract questioning, and more to improve a child’s decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Cogitus Explore is a series of collaborative and interactive sessions that teach kids about navigation, culture, mapping, geography, and current events to help them understand the similarities and differences in the world around them.

Cogitus STEAM is a “innovative and contemporary” curriculum that supports students in learning science, technology, engineering, arts, and math in an integrated manner with a focus on real-world application.

Cogitus Create is a programme that helps children develop their imagination, increase their exposure, broaden their mental spectrum, and improve their problem-solving ability. It teaches youngsters to think beyond the box by asking them to design new goods, ads, architectural concepts, and more.

Every week, five age bracket divisions will attend classes for an hour and a half. Students can sign up for either yearly or half-yearly courses. The company claims to have enrolled over 500 students so far. Students are paired with teachers 8 to 1 in each center and the centers are franchised.

Teachers at Cogitus are said to be passionate about children, open-minded, energetic, and open to listening. However, they have been overcoming this through seminars, camps, and events that emphasize the importance of higher-order thinking in today’s world. Another challenge has been coordinating programs because the Cogitus team is dispersed across the globe. The co-founders say that video conferencing has been a godsend in overcoming this obstacle and that they’ve developed a “multi-zone work culture” resulting from it.

On this World Education Day, we’d like to tell you about Ruchi Jhawar and Anju Modi, two entrepreneurs who worked tirelessly to transform the face of education through their unique after-school program.

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Legal Name Cogitus
Industries Education
Founder(s) Ruchi Jhawar
Founded Date 2017
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

8. Puresh Daily

Puresh Daily is based in Ranchi, where they started a milk revolution in non-metro towns. Manish Piyush, an IIM graduate appointed to senior positions in 14 countries, returned to Jharkhand to solve a basic problem – how to get chemical-free milk.

“The urban problem is a preoccupation of many in India, but there aren’t many solving basic problems,” says Manish. Puresh Daily Foods, a milk subscription app, will be launched in 2019 by him and his childhood friend Aditya Kumar. They provide chemical-free dairy products as well as organic cow milk. The co-founders had to quit cushy jobs, learn to code, sell software, and become milkmen to understand the dairy industry to start the company.

Raising money from family and friends, the duo invested Rs 10-15 lakh in the business. On Puresh Daily’s farm, they grow vegetables and herbs to feed their cows, so their milk is nutritionally complete. A team of 40 people works with Puresh and its 80-100 cows. During the first half of the company’s operations, Pursh broke even and generated profits that were reinvested in the business. 

The company delivers milk to more than 1,500 customers every day, and it has a delivery system and tech to handle deliveries. As a result, managing assets is minimal, according to Manish. The company is currently offering services to customers in Ranchi, Ramgarh, Bokaro, Jamshedpur, and Patna.


Legal Name Puresh Daily Foods Pvt Ltd.
Industries Foods
Founder(s) Manish Piyush and Aditya Kumar
Founded Date 2019
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

9. Osam Dairy

As a dairy manufacturer, Osam Dairy provides high-quality dairy products to its consumers. As they mention, their products are the most hygienic due to their unfailing quality and outstanding processing infrastructure.

A network of dairy farmers supplies the startup with all its milk. On top of the rigorous training, the Milk Analyser tests the milk daily on predefined parameters at procurement. They reject milk at the farm level if it does not meet their standards.

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Legal Name Osam Dairy
Industries Dairy products
Founder(s) Abhinav Saha
Founded Date 01/04/2012
Total Funding Amount $32.8B
Investors 3,915 Number of Investors

10. Grid

Grid is a deep tech startup whose mission is to improve data management for businesses in conventional industries like mining, manufacturing, and infrastructure construction.

Aayush Agrawal, Shreyansh Jain, Shaurya Poddar, and Udit Poddar observed important discrepancies between how technology companies managed data and operations versus traditional verticals like mining, manufacturing, and infrastructure development while working for huge technology organizations. In 2017, a consultancy firm was formed as a result of this. In 2019, it changed its name to Grid from Pragyaam Data Technologies, and it became a B2B SaaS company 2019.

“It was founded to solve the long timelines, scalability, unreasonable costs, and usability evaluation issues that companies faced with the highly customized software/tailor-made market, on the one hand, and the rigidity of readily available domain-specific ones on the other,” says Udit, who is also the company’s CEO. 

The company is a no-code platform that creates online database and process management workflows to help customers with data collection, management, and discovery.

Legal Name GRID 
Industries B2B SaaS company
Founder(s) Aayush Agrawal, Shreyansh Jain, Shaurya Poddar, and Udit Poddar
Founded Date 2017
Total Funding Amount NA
Investors NA

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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