Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Ghaziabad 2022.

Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Ghaziabad 2022.

Venture capitalists, fundraising, bootstrap, angel investors, and other phrases are all used in startup jargon. All of these are included in startup financials. Bootstrapping is the term used to describe the practice of founders first funding their startups out of their own funds, through debt, and through other means. Before looking for outside capital, founders prefer to bootstrap until they are confident of their product attributes, problem-solution fit, and other theories they want to test.

An incubator is a particular type of business that helps entrepreneurs at this stage. In an incubator, business owners might receive the early help they need to launch their company. It is possible to get access to mentors, offices, and other tools, help, and guidance. After a new business is converted into a company, seed rounds are used to finance its first operations. Work on the product’s development, user acquisition, and employee hiring is done during the seed stage.

A startup’s seed round is typically financed through accelerators and angel investors. Similar to an incubator, but working for a shorter time and providing extensive mentoring, is a business accelerator. They assist with marketing and supplying young companies with seed money.

Home Loan in Ghaziabad | Home First Finance Company

 Ghaziabad, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is a part of Delhi NCR. Ghaziabad, the district’s administrative center and the largest city in western Uttar Pradesh have a population of 1,729,000. The City Zone, Mohan Nagar Zone, Vijay Nagar Zone, Kavi Nagar Zone, and Vasundhara Zone are the five separate zones that make up the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation. There are 100 wards in the local government.

This rail junction for North India is linked by roads and railroads. It has been referred to be the “Saya of Uttar Pradesh” and is located near New Delhi along the major Uttar Pradesh highway. Due to recent construction projects, the city has been ranked to be having a second rate globally by the City Mayors Foundation. Cis-Hindon is located on the east, whereas Trans-Hindon is towards the west. The Upper Gangetic Plains are where the city is located.

 Stages of a Startup

Every startup goes through highs and lows like a roller coaster. It will take some time for the marketplace to adapt because this is a unique idea. For new businesses operating in this environment, this might be challenging. Startups must test their ideas before releasing their products since they try to produce something fresh. By developing an MVP and evaluating it with the target market, this is achieved. The business must change course or shut down if there is no market for this idea.

The following phases are experienced by every startup:

  • Concept Stage – This is when the business owners have a vision for a business they would like to develop and start helping them to make it happen. They make a situation for their idea, recruit the aid of mentors or investors, and hire experts.
  • Growth Stage – As the number of buyers grows, entrepreneurs start exceeding their businesses to meet the escalating needs of customers.
  • Maturity Stage – A startup enters this growth stage when it has amassed a proper number of customers and has achieved product-market fit. It is expected to grow to this size for an IPO or IPO (IPO). Since there is a lot of rivalry at this time, startups must constantly develop and set their products apart from the competitors.

Given below are some of the most innovative and creative platforms of startups benefitting the people and the city of Ghaziabad.

1. aValuer

How to Build a Data-Intelligence Startup within your Organization | by dyvenia blog | CodeX | Jun, 2022 | Medium

You can maintain your valuations with aValuer using a user-friendly website interface. The solution provides both a web-based and a mobile user experience. The admin has ’s admin dashboard, where information about the cases is updated to be a part of the solution. The coordinator, however, has access to a portal where claims are started and assigned.

The operator’s dashboard, a display for quality assurance to check reports, and a sector console for field engineers to provide data from the field are a few examples of these. Based on the chosen features, higher pay is made available for the solution.

Company Overview

                Legal Name                  aValuer
                  Industries Web-based valuation management solution
                 Founder(s)                    NA
              Founded Date                    2012
         Total Funding Amount              $35,500,000
                Investors 12,465 Number of Investors

2. GreenGST

B2B Marketplace Moglix Enters Unicorn Club With $120 Mn Series E

Your one-stop shop for all of your GST requirements is GreenGST, our GST compliance solution. We draw on our knowledge of supply chains, manufacturing, and commerce to address issues arising from the digitalization of distribution networks and ensure that they are GST compliant. If you’re the buyer or the seller, Green GST makes it simple for you to file GSTRs and assists you with GST reporting, filing, reconciliation, and invoice production.

Businesses may file GST electronically thanks to the GreenGST portal. The solution’s features include multiuser support, automatic invoice reconciliation, GSP connection, monitoring process, and analytical reporting capabilities. As of June 2017, the answer is provided at three different price points INR 1,000 per month, Rs 3,000 per fortnight, and INR 5,000 per month.

 Company Overview

                Legal Name                GreenGST
                  Industries Cloud-based GST filing platform for businesses
                 Founder(s)               Rahul Garg
              Founded Date                  2015
         Total Funding Amount                 $153.8M
                Investors     32 Number of Investors


sifipay 29-11-2021 | Sifipay payment gateway provides instan… | Flickr

Sifipay provides businesses with a very user-friendly interface. We have rapid access to information on transactions and settlements, and our reports are simple to find. In this way, it is simple to use for both customers and businesses who are new to the internet shop.

Sifipay provides top-notch technological solutions to help internet businesses with their online payment requirements. Sifipay, a Kolkata-based company, is committed to assisting online companies in managing their finances by offering explicit, developer-friendly APIs, simple integration, and user-friendly solutions. As a result, enterprises, e-commerce, and other companies may find it rapid, safe, and practical to receive and distribute payments online.

 Company Overview

                Legal Name                 Sifipay
                  Industries  Payment gateway platform
                 Founder(s) Navneet Makharia & Om Sharma
              Founded Date                   2019
         Total Funding Amount   $91.1M Total Funding Amount
                Investors   478 Number of Investors

4. Sindhuja Microcredit

Sindhuja Microcredit closes USD 4 Million series-A, from Carpediem Capital

Sindhuja Microcredit is a new generation of micro-finance institutions (MFIs) that focus on rural areas and provide banking services to self-employed women entrepreneurs at the base of the pyramid. The company raised $8.7 million for its Series B round from US venture capital firm Carpediem Capital and Norwegian microfinance company Nordic Microfinance Initiative (NMI).

Carpediem Capital contributed $4 million to the Series A round in March 2019.

“This finance will help us to give much-needed financing to our customers, who are self-employed rural women whose lives are in danger, and our customers are the most disadvantaged in the COVID-19 world,” Abhisheka Kumar and Malkit Didyala said in their thanks for the investment.

Over 84,600 segments and sub-women in five northern Indian states have received microcredit from Sindhuja during its two years of operation. Over Rs, 1.7 billion worth of benefits managed by AUM. According to the company, all of its branches are located in isolated or rural locations.

“As NMI, we are confident that poor and rural households in developing countries have the potential to benefit from financial inclusion, and we assist entrepreneurs that share this vision,” said Arthur Sletteberg, president and chief executive officer of NMI.

The goals of NMI’s investments in microfinance companies in Asia and Africa aim to provide both financial and social rewards. International impact investor NMI specializes in assets with a double bottom line.

The Norwegian and Danish Mutual Investing Institute and different other sizable private sector companies are owned by Norwegian and Danish funds for developing countries.

Throughout its 11 years, NMI has managed assets worth over $250 million. Vidura Capital was the only party involved in the deal. According to a statement from the business, Antares Legal advised the investors, while Vectors Partners counseled Sindhuja Microcredit on legal matters.

Company Overview

                Legal Name         Sindhuja Microcredit
                  Industries New generation and innovative Microfinance company
                 Founder(s) Malkit Didyala & Abhisheka Kumar
              Founded Date                     2018
         Total Funding Amount                   $12.7 m
                Investors                      NA

5. Pixr8

Pixr8 presents Twishq designer's day - YouTube

On September 28, 2016, Pixr8 Media LLP was established to be a private entity. The company is categorized to be a Non-Government Company as a result of the KANPUR Register of Companies. The administrators of PIXR8 MEDIA LLP, which engages in Other Service activities, are PRACHI SINGH and NITISH KUMAR SINGH.

 It was incorporated under the rules of the Commonwealth of London, and its Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is AAH-4920. The registered office of this business is at 224001 IN Durgapuri Colony Strand Faizabad Faizabad UP 224001 IN. Another name for PIXR8 MEDIA LLP is M/S PIXR8 MEDIA LLP. There is a PIXR8 MEDIA LLP.

Company Overview

                Legal Name                    Pixr8
                  Industries Promoting entrepreneurship work
                 Founder(s)                 Nitish Singh
              Founded Date                     2014
         Total Funding Amount                      NA
                Investors                      NA

6. Cleardekho

Extensive SWOT Analysis of ClearDekho - 2022 Study | IIDE

Eyewear company ClearDekho has earned $4 million to be part of its public dealing (about Rs 30 crore). OYO’s creator, Ritesh Agarwal, raised money through Aroa Ventures.

CK Jaipuria Family Office, Infoedge’s Kitty Agarwal, AAJ Ventures’ Anuj Sheth, Startup Catalysts, Gemba Capital, SOSV MOX, and Kaaf Investment were the investors who participated in the round. This will make it possible for ClearDekho to steadily increase the number of outlets across the world (by 40%) and carry out marketing and in-person promotions to attract new customers (30 percent). Additionally, according to a press release, the business will improve its infrastructure for hiring and training staff, motivate private-label branding, and digitize fittings and quality control (20 percent ).

According to the release, the funds would “strengthen the company’s back-end operations and allow it to open 200 shops across India’s tier 2/3/4 towns.”

The platform created by Shivi Singh and Saurabh Dayal in 2017 blends the online and offline experiences of buying eyewear and deals customers a large selection of reasonably priced eyewear solutions. It asserts that it has grown by 1,300 percent in three years to be the result of a massive increase in the demand for affordable eyeglasses.

There are several opportunities for the unorganized optical market to be controlled and hardship for the public at large. In addition to regularly providing high-quality, affordable visual solutions, ClearDekho is committed to regulating this complicated and fragmented industry.

 Gaurav Gulati, Head & Chief Investment Officer of Aroa Ventures, said, “We have a lot of faith in the group and their growth prospects. He claims that during the next 12 months, ClearDekho would be accessible in more than 100 cities and will thereafter go on to Tier 2/3/4 towns in India.

“The post-Covid-19 overall growth into this across age groups has resulted in a jump in the supply of affordable eyewear, specifically from new-age customers from smaller towns, who are spearheading the revolution,” says the report.

In order to successfully change this sizable unorganized sector, Singh continued, “We fervently believe in giving value for our customers, and the following decade, 2020 to 2030, will be definitive for us.” By working with existing optical stores in India and developing new franchise outlets, ClearDekho hopes to open 1,000 retail stores in the next three years. Dayal commented.

Company Overview

                Legal Name               ClearDekho
                  Industries                  Internet
                 Founder(s) Saurabh Dayal & Shiv Singh
              Founded Date                   2016
         Total Funding Amount                 $6.3M
                Investors                   NA

7. Loginworks

Brand Analysis of Loginworks Softwares, an emerging analytics company

India’s analytics business has exceeded majorly in recent years, and multinational companies, IT companies, and the finance and banking sectors are no longer the only players. From FMCG businesses to those in construction and transportation, analytics are being used more and more. But as technology develops, so do the inescapable problems and complexities associated with IT, hence why Login work Softwares was founded.

Mr. Dheeraj Juneja launched Loginworks Softwares in Ghaziabad, Delhi, in 2006, providing its customers with comprehensive IT solutions. Its services include software development, product management, and data mining. The company produced TaskTrek, its flagship product, in 2010 after serving customers all across India and the rest of the world.

Similar services are currently provided by other IT competitors; however, Loginworks Softwares intends to stand apart through TaskTrek. The program helps with handling email and document-based communications effectively.

“With big data pestering us these days, we need to clear the clutter, and we feel that TaskTrek will manage such difficulties,” said Dheeraj, who is the company’s CEO. “Emails will be filtered into task-oriented folders for managing duties.”

Several sectors, including e-commerce, property investment, transportation, automobiles, and finance, make up Loginworks Softwares’ clientele. By allowing safe communication, creating leads, and expanding its business, the variety of services it provides gives them an advantage over rivals.

Customers must research the company’s reputation before choosing any of their services in order to avoid being duped. This indicates that, in our opinion, Loginworks Softwares is a company you can trust.

The University of Georgia, Tutor Association, Smartlytic Consultancy, and other reputable companies were in the clientele of this business, according to our investigation. One of their satisfied customers claimed that Loginworks was constantly on top of communications. They quickly adapted to a way of communication we tried that didn’t work. The company’s employee evaluations are pretty good, with a four-star average.

Despite some employees giving a score of one, the rest prevailed. As a result, however, neither company’s employees nor its customers have experienced any severe wrongdoing.

Company Overview

                Legal Name               Loginworks
                  Industries               IT solutions
                 Founder(s)             Dheeraj Juneja
              Founded Date                  2006
         Total Funding Amount $12.6B Total Funding Amount
                Investors   2,703 Number of Investors

8. Spayee

How To Sell Online Courses In India

Graphy was purchased by Noida-based Spayee, an ed-tech business, for $25 million. According to the company, the acquisition would help Graphy maintain its position to be a major in the creative economy.

With the help of cohorts, Graphy hopes to give educational content producers a platform to expand their skill sets’ audience and organize live academic courses. After that, you may start using the platform to create your online school in just 60 seconds. The platform Spayee is presently being used by more than 2,000 entrepreneurs and companies. After the takeover, Spayee will carry on as an independent business.

Spayee was established in 2014 by Gourav Kakkar, Sandeep Singh, Aniruddha Singh, and Vijay Singh. It provides live classrooms, PDF papers, quizzes, and audio and video instructions to content producers.

The platform for streaming live games, Rheo TV, was purchased by Unacademy Group in July. Since January 2020, the corporation has been actively pursuing acquisitions. At a $3.44 billion value, Series H investment was closed in August with $440 million committed.

 Company Overview

                Legal Name                 Spayee
                  Industries              E-Learning 
                 Founder(s) Gourav Kakkar, Sandeep Singh, Aniruddha Singh, and Vijay Singh
              Founded Date                    2014
         Total Funding Amount                     $20K 
                Investors                      NA

9. Kisan Instant

Catalogue - S and T Kisan Food Product in Wanadongri, Nagpur - Justdial

With Kisan Instant, user registration is possible through Aadhar cards, PAN cards, and more. Wallets, credit/debit cards, net banking, and other services are used by the app to allow payback through these methods. The user’s registered bank accounts receive loans. Credit risk evaluation is the basis for loans.

 Company Overview

                Legal Name               Kisan Instant
                  Industries The app-based platform for personal loans
                 Founder(s)                      NA
              Founded Date                   2020
         Total Funding Amount                     NA 
                Investors                    NA

10. Mcube

Home - MCUBE Architects and Planners

Systems for call centers that are housed in the cloud. There are three options: MCube X, MCube IVRS, and MCube Track. A virtual receptionist called MCube X controls mobile, VOIP, and landline phones.

Incorporated with MCube X and MCube Track, MCube IVRS is an autonomous different communication system that connects users to different corporate departments based on their choices. A virtual call tracking program called MCube track has capabilities including instant pick-ups, call modified based, multi-level call forwarding, easily navigable IVRS, automatic call log management, and call tracking. There are other services provided, including automated lead management, support management, and campaign response management.

The New Delhi suburbs of Gurugram, Noida, and Ghaziabad have quickly risen to prominence to be a viable alternative to the city as a startup cluster. These areas are luring startups, encouraging them to establish operations in local neighborhoods, thanks to more affordable housing, a stable business environment, including investors, and the availability of qualified management resources.

According to Anshuman Magazine, CEO of real estate consultant CBRE, “Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region, which includes Noida and Gurugram) is regarded a gateway city for global corporates into India and accounts for roughly 20% of the overall developed office stock in the country.”

Occupiers closed sizable transactions in Gurugram due to the city’s close vicinity to an airport terminal and the availability of high-quality, investment-grade premises. From 6 million square feet in 2005 to around 60 million square feet in 2018, the city’s office space has increased.

Company Overview

                Legal Name                   MCube
                  Industries Fuel Capital, Streamlined Ventures
                 Founder(s)                 Charles Yang
              Founded Date                    2010
         Total Funding Amount                   $37M
                Investors              10 Investors

Opportunities abound in Ghaziabad.

203 COVID-19 Special Arrivals at Ghaziabad NR/Northern Zone - Railway Enquiry

Since a few years ago, Gurugram and Noida have been challenged as a startup cluster by Ghaziabad, which is sometimes referred to be the entrance to Uttar Pradesh. Although there are no unicorns living in the city, which has a lot of residential space, it has attracted attention from founders searching for a lower cost of operations.

The accessibility of real estate, specifically former industries that have been transformed into offices, has a lot to do with it. According to Kumar of Swajal, Ghaziabad has major potential. Startups now have tremendous potential thanks to the availability of several large venues.

Due to its increased accessibility, Ghaziabad, which is made up of different metropolitan neighborhoods including Vaishali, Vasundhara, Kaushambi, Mohan Nagar, and Indirapuram, is a favorite area for professionals working in the Delhi-NCR region. The Ghaziabad Development Agency has plans to create a Cyber Hub similar to the one in Gurugram, which includes office buildings and an area for food and drink.

 According to Puri of Anarock, “Higher leasing costs and a scarcity of floor space in Delhi are important challenges impeding the development of startups in the national capital.” The majority of startups go for more prominent locations in Gurugram, Noida, and Ghaziabad because of their lower rents, convenient location near important government buildings, and access to top talent from schools like IIT-Delhi and Delhi School of Engineering.

A few startups who are shifting their activities outside to other southern cities are finding that the city’s high pollution levels are a deterrent.

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