Tough Times Doesn’t Comes Without Opportunity! Demand For Jobs Increases!

The lockdown due to the epidemic has brought good news amid startling job crisis. Various sectors of economy are expected to witness steep decline in employment after situation normalises. Also, many companies will encourage work from home for some employees. Thus, in the middle of such tensions and worries various companies are advertising and promoting employment.

In the past month, several companies including Tech Mahindra, IBM, Growers, BigBasket, Capgemini, Deloitte, Walmart Labs, Google and Amazon have also advertised for more than two lakh jobs. Experts associated with the human resources field say that the recruitment process slows down a bit in the uncertain times but the recruitment process has been speeded up in IT, banking, insurance and e-commerce. The option to apply for jobs has been kept open to ensure the new appointments when the lockdown is removed and work resumes.

Maximum jobs in IT sector: It was feared that jobs in IT sector will decrease rapidly. In contrast, 79% of the jobs for which advertisements have been given in the last one month are from IT sectors. Thus, it is rightly said that difficult times also comes with propitious opportunities.

Opportunities in the digital sector grew at a rapid pace: The opportunities in the digital sector have grown rapturously in the lockdown. Work from home has rapidly increased. Experts say the demand for gaming, and e-learning has increased in the lockdown. In view of this, companies associated with these sectors are making large number of appointments.

  • 15% in banking, insurance and e-commerce sectors
  • More than 79 per cent of jobs have turned out in the IT sector
  • 90 percent of full-time jobs offered
  • 80 thousand jobs at the initial level i.e. new people
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Opportunities in e-commerce have also emerged as major facilitators in the supply of essential commodities in lockdown. Experts say that e-commerce companies are also using this opportunity to expand their business. This has led to the growth in the e-commerce sector, the most sought after IT.

Increase in demand of counsellors and psychologists

Also, experts foresee the demand of counsellors and psychologists increasing in the near future. Anxieties over employment, no source of income, coronavirus related tensions and lockdown have become common in people. Boredom has swallowed them. Moreover, cases of domestic violence is also increasing. This will arise the need of counsellors and psychologists.

In India cases rise to 18,601; death toll rises to 590

According to data, the number of Covid-19 infected people worldwide has crossed 2 million. So far, the epidemic has killed 1,44,000 people worldwide. America is most affected by this. It has killed 35,000 people in the US and infected over 7,00,000 people. 

Total of 1336 new cases have been reported in India in the last 24 hours. The number of people infected with the Covid-19 epidemic, including foreign nationals, has increased to 18,601. The Ministry of Health has given information about this. The Ministry of Health, presenting the latest data in the morning said that a total of 14,759 cases are active. A total of 3,252 patients who have recovered fully after treatment have been discharged from the hospital, while 590 people have died due to the epidemic.

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